Good bye 08

This year will forever be known in my memory as the year I got bionic hearing, well not quite, but I can say I had a laser destroy bone inside my head. I also have two prosthetic stapes now!

However this year was about a lot more, from meeting Bea’s family to knowing that even in our times supporting a politician can make people say some nasty things, it was about the up and downs of life and a year where turning 30 really brought a lot of wisdom into my life.

I began this year with the goal that I was going to become very introspective and work on self discovery this year. My relationship with my wife had really opened my life to feeling more like myself than during any other period of my life. Marriage brought me freedom by knowing that someone loves me exactly for who I am. Early this year I was able to cross paths with a graphologist and had my handwriting analyzed with very interesting results.

As the weather got warmer and I started to get a little more vocal about what I believed on. I knew it would bring some resistance and controversy, but never as much as I got from telling people that I did not believed on going to see dead people on display.

I also started to hang out more with the crazy bloggers around this area and found started calling most of them friends. Funny enough I still have not met Shane.

During the middle of the year some hard times began. I was so wrapped up on work and life that it started taking a toll. I started to miss home (both Chicago and Colombia or I guess family overall) terribly. My wife also experienced the same and we realized little by little that the rat race was just making us unhappy. Thankfully better days have come and we are now making changes to that and life is starting to get better every single day.

Those days were made easier by having some good friends around. Some know more than others how much they helped, but overall I thank you all.

One of the closest people to me, whom I have never met personally started going through some difficult times. Daniel has dealt with more than a person should this year and it killed me not to be able to go sit next to him and have a cup of coffee. Supporting people long distance is freaking hard, but geographically it was all I could do. I was going to say this to him in a private e-mail, but since our relationship started with our blogs I wanted to say this to him and all of you dealing with life… it will pass, it will get better, and you will come out stronger at the other end.

On that note, one of the many lessons that I learnt this is something I want to share with you. To be successful in life you have to forget about that little voice that tells you “what are people going to think.” This takes me to something I want to say about my wife. Love, you are so strong and dealt with so much loss… also fighting depression and being public about it makes me incredibly proud, because even though so many people might want to make it seem like it is something to either deal with privately or be ashamed about you are dealing with it head on, and going through it I am sure you will help others see that they are not alone.

This year was tough, and the next might be even tougher in many ways; however, change has happened, change is coming and even though it is difficult to swallow sometimes it is necessary and it will make the world a better place. Make 2009 the year you work on all of relationships and make them stronger.


  1. This year was BAD for me. Log knows I lost my significant other. Early on in the year we were tryin to see if a little seperation would help with the tension that was built up over the prior year. But soon days, turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months, and now a full year. 🙁
    But in some way this was a good year in seeing friends and family come out of the wood woork so to speak, and help me in my times of need. You know who you are and I thank God you were here for me. 😀

  2. Melinda

    Happy New Year Logtar and Bea! I hope 2009 treats you well and you keep blogging.

  3. Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year find you a better man. — Benjamin Franklin

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs – sending you two lots of good cheer for 2009!

  4. Well said bro. 2008 was definitely a year full of learning experiences. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I do look forward to 2009 as a new beginning and some much needed healing. Happy New Year!

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