I thought this surgery was going to be a lot easier since I knew what to expect. That did not turn out to be accurate. This time pain has been more pronounced and the nausea came in with a vengeance.

The drugs help a lot, but they make me drowsy and lethargic.

Overall I am doing very well and I am hearing crackling and bubbling which is normal during healing. I go see the surgeon on Monday and finish the antibiotics the next day. I am hoping to be 100% before Xmas :)

Thank you for all the prayers and good thoughts!

6 Responses to Recuperating

  1. Good luck — hope you feel better soon!

  2. Hang in there, mang.

  3. Cool, man! The hardest part is over! Remind me to talk to you about my tinitis sometime.

  4. Hang in, dude.

    This time next week it will be all Dobly THX and shit!

    ; ‘ )

  5. Get well soon dude!!! Sounds like you’re making progress and I know I’ve been wanting to read more posts from you – Just my selfish angle!!!

    Wishing you the best!!!

  6. HUH? SPEAK UP!!!

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