Parking Lot Wreck

I’m ok, I was not involved at all only a witness. The rise in gas prices got me into a very poor habit, waiting until the gas tank was almost empty to fill up. This is a bad practice for many reasons, and should probably change it again. There are many tips to saving gas and one of them is to fill up more often and not while rushed.

This morning I had to get gas. The weather and my schedule had me procrastinating and I would have made it to work, but probably had to hope the light did not come on in the middle of rush hour coming back home or during lunch. So I decided to get gas in the morning. Left home a little earlier than usual to compensate, but I did not expect how busy the gas station was going to be.

There was snow on the ground still so people were driving like idiots. I have talked about this in the past that for some reason people think snow is less dangerous than rain. When I saw how busy the place was, I almost turned around and went to another gas station. I ended up decided to just simply take the time and just wait there.

Then a rare phenomenon I have never experienced in KC. Parking lot rage. One of our visits to Chicago a fight almost broke out because of people wanting the parking lot we were in. They almost hit our car in the process that day. I avoid busy parking lots like the black plague. I dislike shopping in great percentage because of this reason. Now my view has been cemented, I will avoid busy parking lots at all cost. 90% of the time a shopping trip can be postponed to a better time than having to deal with people fighting over a parking spot.

This rage and this parking lot were a little bit different. Since there were lines at both ends of the pump lines, the rest of the parking lot had less driving space. Not sure if the snow made people blind, but honking to alert people that there was someone behind them that they were about to ram was turning into a full on concert. I partly blame this for what happened next.

Two cars started playing parking lot chicken and instead of taking the available parking spots they seemed to be wanting the same one. They were driving slowly while the honk symphony continued. Then a minivan start backing out without looking. The driver that was pretty boxed in at this point joins the symphony but the lady backing up was tuning it out. I did not have to read lips as the passenger of the car that was about to become crunchy mouthed mother(bleep.) Everyone looked at the guy holding his note now in a solo performance when the crunching noise of bumper on plastic mirror ended the current act.

I debated if I should stay there and be a witness, but there was enough people and fault was pretty clear. I just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. I felt bad for the guy that ended up without a side mirror because they are supper expensive (A lot more than you would think, specially if they have any kind of motor on them, I had to replace one before) and he will now be more of a target for the “popo.”

10 comments on “Parking Lot Wreck

  1. Patience and logic seem to be two qualities completely lacking in quite a few drivers =(

    I can’t believe you used the word “popo”. You’re just cool like that I guess =)

  2. Tiz the season of parkinglot musical chairs.
    Oh, I clicked on your “popo” link and was presented some “tata’s”. Thanks Log! You made my day. ^_^

  3. I grew up in Addison, I think you are familiar perhaps where that is out here…

    a couple years ago, some guys i had gone to HS with actually did kill another guy over a parking spot at El Burrito Tapatio of all places. Apparently though, the dispute had started at a bar down the street.

    woo! stable people!

  4. The DeVry in Addison is where I attended college so I would say I am somewhat familiar with the town, lol

    I’ve had plenty Burritos from that place… but they are not good enough to get killed for… I eat at Sports Arena most of the time I am around that area, never hit the after hours there… however, my last almost fight in Chicago was at an El Taco Burrito King by Belmont.

  5. ack! i did not know you went to DeVry! I went to DeVry! I was 20 when i started there though, in 95. When were you there?

    small world.

    i never hit the after hours in the Addison Bars. ew. ha ha ha.

  6. Hey DeVry (or DeepFry) alumni here also, tho of the KC persuasion.

    I don’t have any good parking lot stories, but once while I was in Junior High my Dad lost control on ice going into a local gas station and took out a pump!

    As for those side mirrors Log, to replace mine (for a cracked mirror) is $350. I didn’t ask if that was the whole unit or just the cracked mirror face, cuz either way I wasn’t payin it. I’ll take a minor disortion, thank you very much.

  7. Oops. Well as long as no one was hurt physically. They all need to get their heads right and learn to be nicer.

  8. I once witnessed an accident while driving, albeit not too fast and no one was hurt. Fault was clearly with one of the drivers so I stuck around to give my report to the police, and it was like they didn’t really care. Unless someone’s actually hurt and needs help, I don’t think I’ll stay anymore.

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