After my last surgery there was a little complication that was addressed very quickly. It was stress related, and what it boiled down to was that one of my nerves was affected. The surgeon put me on antiviral medicines as well as steroids to make sure it healed better. My next surgery is already scheduled and I am going to make sure that I heal better this time before I am around any kind of high stress.

I hated taking steroids. While I know that they did their job healing me up faster and fixing the problem I had, their side effects are just not something I would ever like to feel again. I am not sure how anyone that is taking even a low dosage like I was can every say they had no clue they were given steroids.

Besides the shortened temper, the thing that I disliked the most was the ravenous appetite. Even when I had a full meal and I could not fit any more food into my body, I still felt hungry. It was a very uncomfortable type of hunger also, something I had not experienced before. I have a healthy appetite, but what I felt while taking those was just ridiculous.

They are out of my system completely now and I am glad, but I did come out of it with a good amount of knowledge. I knew before that I have never really experienced true hunger, but this gave me a good indicator of what being really hungry can be like.

I have great will power when it comes to certain things, however food has been my downfall when it comes to weight management. I like to eat. I joke about my metabolism being the only victim of the Y2K, but in reality I have worked out like crazy in the past and seen little results. I know that to get rid of my extra weight in and see quick results I have to starve my body. One thing I have never tried though is a running/walking regimen.

After my next surgery I will have had fasted for a couple of days at least and I am thinking of starting a new food regimen afterward. Not going to eliminate anything from my diet, just reduce portions or anything processed.

It will not be a new years resolution, but rather a life resolution to be healthier now that I am given the chance to have good hearing again. I have been putting some things into place little by little and I am going to try to achieve my goals with a variety of things. I am very thankful that I will continue to be able to hear, now I want to also make sure I do it for a long time.

6 comments on “Steroids

  1. Looks like you’re way of thinking is the right way of thinking. Keep it up sir!

  2. Shood we try mall walking this time round? Last summer didn’t seem to go all that well. Would still like a walking buddy in the evenings tho if your up for it. ^_^

  3. If you want to lose weight and be healthier, you don’t need to starve yourself. In fact, eating less makes your metabolism go slower, so your body burns less calories and stores fat.

    The way to do what you want is eating better, not less; and doing strenght training, not cardio.

  4. Every person I’ve known that has been on steroids has gained weight, though I didn’t realize why (in that you still feel hungry). I’m a comfort eater myself, so it would be excruciating for me not to eat if I still felt hungry. Good luck with your resolution!

  5. Saudade,

    I disagree. On the strength training not cardio line. You lose more if you do both.

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