Having a Story to Tell

I will leave the full movie review of the movie Australia to my wife because she has more to say about that movie genre than I do. I actually have not seen many of the epic classic movies that everyone has in the must see list. I will say that the message I took from the movie resonates louder in my head than I thought a simple philosophical monologue from a movie could. Then I remember that the movie crash also had a similar impact with me on with its opening monologue.

Blogs can make people seem very one dimensional. There are a lot of things that I would like to share, but they do not lend themselves to this format or are too personal either for me or the people involved. Last time I wanted to share something that I felt was very important to think about I was accused of joining a cult. Maybe it has a little to do with the titles of my posts.

The message I took from the movie’s attempt at Hollywood philosophy was that to have a life you have to have a story. To really have a story you have to belong, and to belong you have to have love in your heart. I generalize ideas because I think it makes them accessible to everyone. I think the most powerful message in the world is that love, that intangible thing, is what life is all about. How to obtain love and deal with it by feeling it, giving it, cherishing it… that is the hard part.

This movie takes a step in the right direction by calling it a story. Christians call it the “the walk,” Buddhist call it “the wheel of life,” and I think everyone has the same message of living your life with love in your heart. You have to live your life like you are going to tell the story to someone and you should make Love the protagonist of the story.

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