Lots To Deal With

Ignorance and stupidity get to me. Even though I don’t adhere to the thinking that I am above anyone because of my education level, life experiences or overall capability to know little known trivia about any certain topic; I do let stupidity get to me. However, sometimes stupidity can cheer you up.

This year has been a tough one for many reasons. Scary because of the whole ear surgery and the possibility of becoming deaf. That is something that can be dealt with, but it would have been tough. The current state makes me think that worse case scenario I will have one good ear, but most likely I will be hearing better than in years past just after the beginning of the year. The rest of the reasons are related to people not appreciating what I do for them, its tough to do things and not get recognized for it no matter how much of a good Samaritan you want to be.

Appreciation is something that is not tough to get, it is tough to get from the people you want to get it from. Most people are very self centered in the sense that when you do something for them they can feel entitled to it. Those people I understand and accept like the are, the ones that I cannot stand are the ones that don’t see what you do for them.

I have been dealing with discrimination the whole time I have lived in the US. I made a conscious decision a lot time not to let it affect my view of people overall. I have dealt with people hearing an accent and associating it with mental retardation pretty well. However lately something that I did not account for happened, people started to be ignorant towards my wife. I cannot protect her, I cannot transfer my knowledge that people can be ignorant and associate being from another country with being uneducated and uncivilized. That was a callous that I had to grow on my own, and I wish I could shield her from having to experience.

I am very thankful for this year though, and when I complain about the tough times how lucky I really am does not escape me. Actually having people to complain to and care should more than make up for those that don’t even know how lucky they are to have me around. Through these tough times I have had great company and some very sound advice. I guess that is probably what makes it so funny now to see some of the stupidity I have seen around me lately.

Several things this week have reminded me about something I knew all along. Everyone has problems, everyone has things to deal with, but only your true friends can put their own problems aside while they listen to yours. A true friend never minimizes your pain while trying to mitigate it. A good person will always see pain as pain and never try to put a degree to it. I am extremely lucky to have plenty of people around me that have acknowledged my tough hear and have helped me through. For that I thank you, and I hope all of you know who you are; because having lots to deal with is no big deal when you have people like you around.

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  1. Ignorance is the lack of knowledge, whether by fate or by choice. It can truly be frustrating when a large portion of the population is ignorant of facts you think are obvious.

    On the other hand stupidity, IMHO, is knowing something and ignoring it. Or even worse it is choosing NOT to believe a truth that is apparent to others. This is where most prejudice lies. Ignorance can often be overcome with education but stubbornness, stupidity and hate are harder.

    I am always taken aback when somebody I thought I knew makes a hateful comment. I usually just assume that people I hang out with are above such things (to be clear most are). I am less angry, and actually kind of amused by my friend the conspiracy theorist.

    In your specific case I don’t know how to help man. I think anybody being mean to Bea needs bitch-slapped, but that never really solves things. It only feels good till the Police arrive.

    I hope you find some calm and comfort, and that Bea is able to let others crap not affect her. You two deserve better, especially this time of year.

  2. Dood let me appricate you with a round of super smash brothers. I’ll give you all the admeration a big stinkin barrel thowing ape can muster. ^_^

  3. Yeah, people from the South get the same heat for being perceived as stupid because of their accent.

    The thing you have to realize bro is that you know you are awesome, I know that you are awesome, and nobody else really freakin’ matters. People are going to believe what they want to believe and there really isn’t a whole lot you can do about it.

    You should really only focus on things that are within your control. The rest you just have to let happen. And cheer the fuck up already. Damn!

  4. I never really thought of the fact that an accent would make people treat you differently (I guess b/c most of my clients have accents and are smarter than me!). I know there’s not much to say that can make that type of treatment easier to take, except that I’m sorry you and Bea have to go through that.

  5. You can always count on me for anything. ANYTHING. I will always try to drop what I’m doing and get to you no matter what. You made me feel welcome the first registration day at college and that’s something I’ll never forget. You know you rock and all of us around you enjoy your presence in our lives. BTW, your wife is more educated than me so people need to step off.

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