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We have all had dumb moments, I have plenty of clumsy moments, definitely got that gene from one of my aunts. Martial Arts did help my reflexes quite a bit, but overall if a glass is sitting too close to the edge it is only a matter of time before it goes down. Heck just Friday I spilled about half of my chili on my lap when I was over at Spyder’s but I managed to get it only on my pants and not spill it all over the couch.

I have been taking the CSV off brand of Ariborne which is basically a vitamin C table that also has other stuff to help boost your immune system. I am trying not to get sick before or after my next surgery which should be happening some time in December if all goes well.

I have taken alka-seltzer all my life, it works and it does not taste horrible to me. It does not taste good either, but it helps with everything for hangovers to bad tacos or too many good tacos for that matter. So I can say that I have experience with effervescent medicine.

I have been taking this airbone thing at my Mom’s request for a little bit over a week and it does seem to work well. No problems so far, but then this week I had a dumb moment.

I was walking around our place picking up stuff and turning lights off before going upstairs. I poured a glass of water and dropped the tablet. Went to the living room and did a couple of things then came right back to the kitchen. Here was my mistake.

All the other times I had watched the airborn do its thing, I recognize the color of the water and saw it dissolve. There is always a little left but nothing that cannot be dealt with… but living it alone was a bad idea.

I came back and saw what to me looked like all liquid dissolved airborne. I did not see that in the bottom almost the full table had not dissipated completely. Mind you this thing is about the size of a quarter. So I chug this thing full force, and when i realized that it was still almost intact it was too late, it had already lodged on my throat.

I tried though about spitting it back out, and that is what I should have done. The force of the liquid would have surely dislodged it and I would just have spit it back out… so here my dumb moment continues. I think well, give it more water it will dissolve.

Now it starting to hurt, and even though I am not choking or panicking yet I am getting close to it.

Glass full of water and no change on it, just discomfort, so what do I do… more water… and then some more. Thankfully by the third glass full of water it dissolved enough to go down my throat and it did not hurt, but yea… I am feeling pretty dumb right about now. I did not even tell Bea about it, I am sure I will hear about it as soon as she reads this.

So lets hear them, or rather read them, share one of your dumb moments with us!

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  1. Buddy, there ain’t enough bandwidth on the world wide web to detail even a fraction of my dumb moments.

    But here is one for you that dates back to my stoner days.

    Me and my buddies used to spend a fair amount of time out hiking in the woods. We didn’t hunt, we just hiked. When you’re stoned, it is easy to imagine you are in Middle Earth.

    We would occasionally cut a young sapling to turn into a walking stick or wizards staff. That was the goal this day so one of my buddies had a small saw with him.

    You can see the trouble coming already, can’t you?

    We all find saplings to our liking, get them cut down without incident, and drag the rough, young, trees to our favorite spot….a limestone outcrop at the top of Dillon’s Hill with a grand view of the Missouri River Valley.

    We fire up a couple of spliffs and begin passing the saw around so we can trim the branches from our walking sticks.

    I picked a sapling almost 6′ tall, so it had a lot of branches. I was too stoned to want to do a lot of standing, so I was sitting on bluff, trimming away.

    Holding the sapling in my left hand, wielding the saw with the right.

    Trimming a branch that was directly above my left hand.

    I’ll just wait here a minute while you visualize the scenario and extrapolate the possible outcomes.

    . . . . . . . . .

    Got it? Yeah. Thirty years later, you can still see the scar on my left thmb from the saw blade as it finally made it through the branch.

    I’m lucky to still have a left thumb.

    The place where I was sitting looked like someone had skinned a deer.

    My friends refused to cut the hike short and take me for stitches. There were suggestions that I should just suck it up and be a man.

    I MacGuyvered a bandage out of some leaves and some vine.

    That walking stick is still my favorite.

  2. I’ve heard of effervescent vitamin C for years. I think it does help prevent a cold, maybe its the placebo effect, but I think it helps.

  3. You survived the dealy CVS version of Airborne attack. Now you can take on anything ;P

  4. They do one ear at a time for several reasons.

    The most important one is that if I get an infection I could lose hearing completely, so they do one ear at a time to prevent me losing hearing on both because of that.

    The other one is that for a period of time you are actually deaf on the ear they fix, so they prefer you at least have a good ear… others are complete loss of balance, etc, etc…

  5. Vitamin C can’t hurt you. If your pee turns orange, cut back.

    As for dumb moments… trying to think of one that’s not quite so graphically humiliating.
    Let’s see, you know my knees are bad but when I first got hurt all I had around the house was a novelty cane. It was black with skulls on the hand piece and was for Halloween. Well it only had a small gripper on the bottom and that came off pretty quick, so I decided to screw it back on with a bigger screw than the original.

    I should probably point out at this point that I was on some pretty good pain meds. So anyway under the wood like exterior was a hard plastic cap and when the (power) screwdriver hit that I decided to muscle thru. Well as I was wrangling for a better hold the screwdriver head hopped and landed not back on the screw but in the tender web of my left hand. It wasn’t deep but took a LOT of direct pressure to stop the bleeding. Unlike XO I have almost no scar to show for it tho.

  6. Hmm.. I have a doozy of a dumb moment that I doo recall. about 10 years ago one of my best friends took me out to his first appartment to have a few drinks. He was renting the place with another college student and the both of them were treating the place like a dorm. With friends comming and goin. After a couple of glasses of peach schnopps in OJ, the co owner showed up with a bong. Now knowing I had a buzz as it is comming on. I declined takeing a hit. (that was the smart thing). But my friend did take a hit. (and this was the dumb thing) because he was the one who drove me out to this appartment in the first place. The second dumb thing was I agreed to let him drive me home. I’t was getting late and dark and I didnt know the way home from his new appartment. Although I was buzzed, he was definatly smashed. His eyes were glazed and red.
    and a couple of times I had to nudge him to tell him he was swerving a bit. NOW, what realy blew my mind.. was the route we took to get back to my home.. the cops had just thrown up a sobriety checkpoint.

    We both thot.. BUSTED!

    As we were pulling up in line with the other cars. we were doing anything we could do to freshen our breaths. We both had started chewing several sticks of spirmint gum like crazy. And doing whatever we could to wake ourselfs up.
    When it was our turn, the cop looked in with a flashlight and started asking where we were goin. Home I replyed. And my friend would do his best to reply. I ended up asnwering most of the cop’s questions from the passenger seat. In the end the cop was only conserned with the fact that neither of us had our seatbelts on. My friend had a hard time putting his on. And the cop would not let us move until he had it on. As we pulled away we were both shocked at what we had pulled off.

  7. I take a Vit C tablet and a daily vitamin and started doing so about five years ago and I’ve hardly been sick every since (it’s probably cheaper than Airborne everyday since I just use Costco’s brand).

    Good thing you didn’t choke on that tablet! Dumb things that I do can take a list but a recent one was running across the street at night with a black coat on and it was raining and almost tripping in my clogs in front of a car going 35 mph.

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