Who would get offended?

I get the whole Christmas thing and how non Christians might be somewhat uncomfortable celebrating the whole Jesus was born day… wait, have any of the atheist I have ever known not taken that day off? hrm…

So sure, we say happy holidays now (I say Happy Christmas because of Harry Potter) to be politically correct, but why can’t we say happy thanksgiving. I have been told 3 times today, Happy Holiday… and I am like, what? Happy Thanksgiving! its a Harvest Holiday… everyone eats… everyone should celebrate that without being offended.

What is it, turkey haters, PETA activists? they would be offended by being lumped together with the meat eaters of the world? They would be offended that there is a holiday to give thanks for the things we have?

I don’t get it… I will call it turkey day, because turkey is tasty! and well also because I think it is good to count our blessings and give thanks!


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  1. happy turkey leg back at ya!

    and have a great mithras celebration next month, too….

    p.s. – i’m not just taking off that day, i’m taking 3 weeks.

    ; ‘ )

  2. I plan on eating til I get a stretch mark. And watching the lions lose. Its a thanksgiving tradition.

  3. Turkey is tasty? I disagree… Never liked the darn bird.

    But you’re right. We should be just thankful instead of trying to figure out what is the politically correct way to greet people now.

  4. Happy Hannachristakwanzaa sounds appropriate…Thanksgiving gets the short end of the stick these days given that we are programmed as consumers to start thinking about “the Holidays” the day after Halloween.

    I hope you have a great holiday, what ever you call tomorrow!

    PS. Go enter to win my Holiday Giveaway. I have a gift card with your name all over it. ;o)

    Peace and Turkey Stuffing,

  5. Most people get the Friday after Thanksgiving off, which makes it a holiday weekend.

    As for why someone wouldn’t celebrate Thanksgiving? Maybe because the idea of the holiday is a misrepresentation of the actual dealings between Native Americans and the Pilgrims. There are some groups who refer to Thanksgiving as the National Day of Mourning.

  6. With the extension of the Christmas-related consumer frenzy leaking well into November these days, Thanksgiving is simply fading into the “holidays” that people think of when they’re extending their season’s greetings to each other. I suspect that most people saying “happy holidays” aren’t trying to avoid offending anybody, but are just using the phrase they hear most often and rolling it out without any great consideration one way or another.

  7. Don’t give in to people trying to make you “politically correct”!! Sometimes it is what it is and some people can be “offended” at anything. What are we going to do, make sure no one is ever offended anymore? We’ll all have to take a vow of silence for that to work =) The only reason I can think of that anyone would be “offended” by Happy Thanksgiving, is because thanksgiving implies giving thanks to the one that provided everything. Heaven forbid we give thanks to God you know! I still can’t figure out how that would actually be offensive to anyone though.

  8. Political Correctness is a Liberal idea. It’s also gone way too far. You have to be politically correct and refrain from saying things like Merry Christmas. But of course, you have to be tolerant of homosexuality. Seems rather backward to me. And I am atheist… one who says Merry Christmas.

  9. Political correct blah blah blah. This is the biggest cop-out ever. How about you just not say “merry Christmas” to someone unless you know they actually celebrate Christmas? It’s not about being politically correct, it’s about not spewing out worthless crap to someone out of habit.

    You sound like a bunch of ignorant morons. Heaven forbid you recognize that other religions have holidays at this exact same time and the person you are talking to might subscribe to those. If you care enough to want to actually wish someone a merry Christmas, why don’t you care enough to know what you should be saying to someone? I never encounter this issue because I don’t spew out bullshit greetings to people I don’t know. If I did though, I would say “happy holidays” because I’m just spewing out empty words, so what does it even matter?

  10. Overall I agree with Chimpo… why say anything at all in the end.

    My point was not about Xmas though, it was about Thanksgiving and besides the native american thing, I still don’t see why someone would actually get offended over someone saying have a happy thanksgiving… but I guess it should be more of a be careful on the day after thanksgiving.

  11. Pertaining to Thanksgiving, I don’t think people are worried about offending someone so much as “happy holiday” is the normal standard greeting in these times.

    It’s similar to someone asking how your holiday weekend was after Memorial Day. I don’t think anyone is worried about offending your memories of dead people.

  12. Would you get offended if a Jewish person wished you a Happy Hanukkah? Of course not. So these people who are just anti-religion need to back the fuck off if you ask me. The hypocrisy is that they don’t see how offensive they are with their PC negativity.

  13. Actually, it’s politically correct to say ‘Happy Thanksgiving’, so whoever told you otherwise is an idiot.

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