Twilight (**)

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Before anyone wants to take my man card away I want to say that, one I am back to about 100% so I can probably hurt ya, and two, next Monday we are going to go drink beer and see football. Yesterday I got tickets for the midnight showing of twilight for Bea and I go see it. While I was being nursed back to health Bea gave me the first book in the series to read and I was hooked.

Simple writing, compelling story, almost comic book like action got me hooked. I ended up reading all of the books in probably a weeks time. The characters all have some flaw that even when they are immortals make them very human.

But I guess everyone wants to hear about the movie… and I am going to have to be a harsh critic. As a standalone movie, it fails. To fully appreciate the plot and understand the characters behavior you have to read the book first.

A movie goer will be dissapointed by a movie that will feel very slow in some parts and then too fast in others without any transition.

That said, the movie was cast flawlesly. The actors do an excellent job at delivering lines that everyone that has read the book was waiting to hear. There was attention to detail and many of the locations looked very close to what I had imagined them. However it did not have the wow effect that the Harry Potter universe did when the first movie came out.

Bella, played by Kristen Stewar was amazing. She played a very complex character who has the least amount of good lines since most of the book happens through her narration. She comes off likeable without being cheesy, a real person rather than the cartoon most trouble teenagers seem to look like in todays movies. She is a great actress because even though you have seen her in plenty of movies, each character stands on its own. She was in Zathura, Jumper and Panic Room.

Edward played by Robert Pattison who you probably first saw in Harry Potter playing Cedric Diggory plays the perfect vampire from the books lore. He has the best dialogue which he used to stop the hearts of every girl in that theater. I was amazed that there was actually no screaming during the movie, kuddos to all the tweens.

Taylor Lautner played a good Jacob, but his role does not really develop until later on the books. I hope this kid goes through a huge growth spur and can play the rest of the movies which I am pretty sure they are going to make.

The special effects in the movie worked quite well. Visually it did its job. The biggest misstep was the music. Even though the score was not bad, there were plenty of opportunities missed to use excellent songs. I think it would have made the slow not drag so much.

I give the movie two stars because the source material is some of the best I have ever read. Once you read the book, see the movie, it will be very entertaining. If you have not read the book, then be ready to feel like you are missing tons of stuff when you watch it.

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  1. I read the book a long time ago and was thrilled that they made a movie, casting dear Cedric as the lead, though I hate the way his hair looks – color is off for me because I imagined sandy-colored hair, not the darker brown. I haven’t seen the movie yet, and I haven’t read the rest of the books. My favorite part was them playing baseball under the guise of a thunderstorm – please tell me if that’s in the movie!

  2. Dude, check the expiration on your Man Card. It might have expired without your knowledge. I’d get that renewed asap before they end up rejecting you. Ha!

  3. so…i read most anything/everything.

    i picked this book up sometime back and put it down almost immediately because of the itacit inference: sex is worse than vampirism.

    my neighbor attended the film with his wife and said that was the overarching theme of the movie as well.

    ….uh. hello?

  4. While it is a teen book, there is nothing that says that sex is worse than vampirism, or at least I did not read that theme… in the later books they bump uglies.

  5. yeah, well…your mileage will of course vary.

    ; ‘ )

    but it seemed to me that the whole ‘forbidden love’ plot only existed at the conjunction of vampirism and sex, neither of which was an option for the protagonists in the book…though the parts i read did drag exceedingly on and on and on about it that ‘desperate’ choice.

    when i put it down i realized it was a ‘young adults’ book, which -again, to me– explained the prose.

    or, as my neighbor put it: “yeah, they moon over each other a lot, but one won’t bite and the other won’t bump and they’re both boringly virtuous about it.”

    i don’t know – it might be The Godfather of vampire flics, but I couldn’t get through the book.

    doesn’t mean anything, really, there are lots of books i can’t get past the first couple of pages….

  6. I read like 3 chapters of Harry Potter and put it down…same way. Mileage may vary.

    Thanks for the review Log!

    and cake is a lie…as well as a ‘man card’.

  7. Dangit, got class monday, otherwise I be drinkin beer too. >_<
    Like football, Most movies go by better with some goggles on.

  8. Next time don’t bring up the Man Card, but the Husband Card. That qualifies you to see this kind of movie with me, and it protects you from the evils of people who want to take away your Man Card. 😉

    Great review, on the spot! I’m glad I read the books, and I hope they do a better job with the other movies.

  9. You should have been in my theatre. Girls were whootin the moment “edward” came on the screen. So glad I’m no longer a teenager. Even if I were a teenager I wouldn’t have reacted that way. I have not read the book and judging by the movie alone, there was too much brooding from the main character. GET OVER IT!!!

  10. Ted and I read the series as well but just haven’t made it to the movie yet since we were out of town last week. I’m trying to convince him to go this weekend, though the reviews have been so mediocre that I think my expectations have been properly set to avoid total disappointment. One of the biggest criticisms I’ve heard was the poor special effects — esp. when compared to the preview of the Harry Potter movie that ran before the movie — which is probably b/c the studio didn’t fork over the money to enhance the movie in that way. It was shot for only $40 million, whereas I think the first Harry Potter’s budget was over $100 million. I read that the studio even said that for the sequel, they still won’t give them more money for better effects since they were already successful with this one on a low budget — we’ll see. I can’t imagine how they’ll pull off the Jacob storyline without them.

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