Baby Mama (*)

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From the previous I had high hopes for this comedy. I thought that they were funny, but not too SNL like. I was disappointing when I started watching it and saw more movie cliches than actual comedy. I would bother with trying to save the spoilers if I actually thought this movie was somewhat enjoyable, but trust me, you will want to just turn it off. If it was not because both Bea and I had long weeks and were kind of trying to just kick back and relax, we would have probably turned it off and went to do something else.

The problem with the movie is not that it is too predictable, or that it feels like a bunch of SNL skits tied together. The problem is that the characters are never people you could connect with. The moment you were trying to feel for one of them, the punchline to some joke would make them feel too cartoonish to actually be real people.

I am not a Steve Martin fan, I don’t quite dislike him, but I have never found him extremely funny; however his little role in this movie was perfect. He was cartoonish enough that you never took him seriously so he ended up being the only character that really worked.

Do not rent or buy this DVD, please wait for it to come out on cable and maybe then give it a try… but trust me, after a half an hour you will want to turn the channel.

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  1. alix & I thought it was cool. I don’t ever expect to much of comedies. Did you see the previews? LOL what did u expect to be original? These are Snl actors and nothing more should be expected. If you do want to rent It it does provide some genuine laughs. IMO

  2. Its an SNL movie, what did you expect. That show hasnt been very funny for about 15 years. Maybe 10 minutes of funny stuff a buttload of commercials and a bunch of unfunny fluff.

  3. I was expecting to be entertained for 2 hours, which I really was not. There were some funny things, but nothing more than chuckles here and there. If we would have had another new movie to watch we probably would have turned it off. I mean, night at the Roxbury is a comedic classic compared to this one.

  4. Yes, thanks for the heads up sweetie. If I dont’ need to waste two hours of my life on that, then certainly I can waste it on soemthing else.

  5. Speaking of movies, I just snaged me a copy of Iron Man on blue ray. What more reason do you need to come an hang with me. =^_^=

  6. Agreed. Terrible movie, all the funny parts were in the trailer. The tip off should have been that the trailer wasn’t that funny. I was so disappointed-expected way better from Tina Fey. Hoping Tropic Thunder is as funny and politically incorrect as everyone has hyped it to be.

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