The best country in the world

All around me I have been experiencing the reactions some people have when faced with something they did not expect. They tend to pretend that everything is all right and do nothing to change the situation. Then they look at someone like me, and think that my positive thinking is the product of the same mentality. I am not a hippie that thinks everything is alright, man, just chill and wait for it to happen. (no offense to anyone that might take the word hippie as a derogatory term)

Action IS necessary, and the current government and party have failed me. I had to act by voting for someone that had a better agenda, at least in the open political arena than then status quo. Bush let the government get bigger, not the social justice way, but the earmarks kind of way. The republican party failed to distance themselves from that, and did not provide the best candidate for me, and in turn failed me as a republican that had began to lean independent.

I am an idealist and I do believe that life can be “perfect,” but just like happiness, it is a very hard thing not just to achieve, but maintain.

I never pretend in my head that nothing is wrong, but I strongly believe that everything is going to be alright. Even though a huge portion of my way of thinking for me comes from faith, a lot of it also comes from logic. Mixing feelings and logic is a very hard task; I believe that it is one of those opposites like Mars and Venus in some ways. However difficult it is, enough force can hold two magnets together. The physics of it is kind of cool and measurable, but in life, how do we measure the force that makes us interact with other humans that might be rejecting us with their magnetic field?

I call that love… family… friendship… bonds.

In my life I have tried to befriend almost everyone that has crossed my path. Some people from the get go did not want to have me be a friend, some others I have lost along the way for many reasons… it always goes sour when I realize that the other side is not as willing to compromise as I am, or just simply do not understand what the word compromise really means.

I was taken by surprise when some of the people that I still call friends took very harsh stances against me as soon as our new president was elected; even though I had humored their constant ridicule of a candidate I thought will not just change America, but could change the world. Not in one or two terms in office, but planting the seeds of unity and hard work that will be required to make America the BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

One of the most hurtful comments to me after the election is why didn’t I move back to Colombia and tried to fix my own (insert your word here) country. That hurt… I thought that someone that had seen me go to college, learn things there not just about computers, but life, the way the system works, the way relationships shape our live. It thought the way that I had affected their lives and they had mine, had given them an understanding of who I am and made me a part of their lives… not just a removable piece. Just like the remote that serves such a purpose when changing the channel but you want to chuck out the door the moment you sit on it and feels uncomfortable. I can only hope that they realize that I did serve a purpose in their lives and I am not something that should be discarded… in that case I honestly believe it would be their loss.

So let’s talk about it… is Colombia a worse country than this one is? The answer is so relative it will take not just a PhD in political science and Latin American Issues to truly understand everything about it. To me personally it is a little easier to answer. In many respects YES, Colombia TO ME, is a better country than the US. I lived a middle upper class life over there, have family and friends that even though I been here for half of my life still receive me with open arms… and now there is the new addition of my wife’s family that are nothing but some of the best people I have ever met. Is my country or origin riddled with problems? Absolutely, but I have NEVER voted for a presidential election there even though I can… why? BECAUSE I LIVE HERE! and THIS IS ALSO MY COUNTRY.

Listening to the radio yesterday people were asked if Obama being elected had already changed American society. To answer the radio show question, I believe that yes, America has shown that even by a small margin the majority of this country elected who they thought was better for the job and not the race, that is a big step in the right direction. In my little microcosms it also has changed my life, I have felt how harsh some people can be with their words… I can only wonder how harsh they are with their thoughts.

At the end of the day I still believe that my parents came to the best country in the world, and I live in a country that is now in many fronts falling behind as a super power. If someone has not checked the numbers in China’s military in recent years they are foolish. If someone has not checked the earning power of the Indian middle class they are just plain blind. To believe that we are the only ones in the world is just moronic, and to rest on our laurels still thinking that America is going the right direction and there is no other point of view than the republican point of view will get all of us nowhere. That is not why this REPUBLIC was formed, quit trying to turn this in to the REPUBLICAN DICTATORSHIP and don’t be such sore losers. Work together to make this country better and instead of trying to predict doom and how Obama will ruin everything, see what YOU can do at the local level to make sure that our country DOES become the best country in the world once again.

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  1. Ive tried to keep my comments civil, and explain why I think Obamas plans wont work. So far in the media and on a bunch of blogs I havn’t heard one person explain to me how his plans will help or be better for me and the rest of the country, all I hear is that bush screwed everything up, and Obama is for changing that. Bush didnt screw up the economy, neither did the Democrats. People wanted houses they couldnt afford and the banks were greedy and gave it to them. Banks didnt have fiscal responsibilty, and people had no personal responsibility.

  2. Heres the agenda for todays fight.

    Repubilcan – Blame Clinton for the community reinvestment act which ask\forced banks to get people loan that couldnt afford them.

    Dems – Blame SEC Chairman Christopher Cox. Who waived limits on the asset to dest ratio for a bunch of the bank that have failed.


    And remember to play nice.

  3. Mark L Said
    Banks didnt have fiscal responsibilty, and people had no personal responsibility.

    Regulations were relaxed during the last administration giving not only banks the capability to lend more to riskier people, but also credit card companies to charge things based on new rules (both previously illegal)… the law was rewritten before even the democrats won control. I hold not just the republicans but all of Washington responsible for that.

    There is a group in my life that I call close friends, out of those only 2 earn more than 250K a year. I am not sure what your combined household income is, but I know your wife’s business earns more than that and could potentially be affected by some of the changes coming down the line… I am curious to see if it does, how and to what degree it will be negative directly to the business and your family. The rest of my friends do not have that earning potential yet they act like raising taxes on the richest percent will affect them directly. It is not the first time that this has happen in our country… so when I hear arguments from them I see that they do not even know their own history. When they call out socialism, the also forget FDR and what had to be done to make this country better…

    You treat me with respect, have argued your point with respect… that I admire. You have lent me a hand even doing programming for free for me before, and not once have you put our friendship in question because we think differently. That is what it comes down to with me. Respect me even if I believe something different. That is what this country is about… Tolerance is obviously still something we need to work on.

  4. *Applause*

    I’m sorry that your friends can’t see past their own beliefs, and understand that political parties don’t have anything to do with the way you treat your loved ones.

    As for which is the best country in the world? That’s the most relative thing you can discuss. Obviously, many people have to go outside their comfort zone to see the many faces of this world.

    Let’s have faith in President Barack Obama. Not because he’s a democrat, or the first black president of the U.S. Let’s have faith in him because the people of this nation have spoken, and he was chosen to lead.

  5. I applaud you as well for pouring your heart out and your mind to those who wish to read a different and positive perspective. It’s time to stop playing the blame game and review common goals. I agree the American government has become lathargic and stagnent. I am willing to sit back and see what this new administration can do with what they think is “broken.”

  6. Our take home is much below that 250 level. We are a manufacturing business and yes some years the business earn more than that, but some years we can lose money, or just break even. That is the nature of this business. We need to bank the money on the good years so we have it on the lean years. His tax policies make that alot harded. Maybe if it was based of a rolling average I would have less problems with it.

    My worry for him is that everyone expect so much from him that he is doomed to look like a failure, because everyone didnt get what they want.

  7. logtar – Well I certainly hope you never “move back to Colombia”. You and Bea are two of the kindest, most generous, and thoghtful people I’ve ever met. This country needs a whole lot more people like you.

  8. Kindest. Ha!

    Youve obviously never played counter-strike with him. He’s a heartless bastard.

  9. Change for the sake of change, or “something has to be done” doesn’t equate to ANYTHING will be better. Sorry, but I can’t let the FDR comment pass! =)

    Here is a study @ UCLA:

    Two UCLA economists say they have figured out why the Great Depression dragged on for almost 15 years, and they blame a suspect previously thought to be beyond reproach: President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    After scrutinizing Roosevelt’s record for four years, Harold L. Cole and Lee E. Ohanian conclude in a new study that New Deal policies signed into law 71 years ago thwarted economic recovery for seven long years.

    “Why the Great Depression lasted so long has always been a great mystery, and because we never really knew the reason, we have always worried whether we would have another 10- to 15-year economic slump,” said Ohanian, vice chair of UCLA’s Department of Economics. “We found that a relapse isn’t likely unless lawmakers gum up a recovery with ill-conceived stimulus policies.”

    This isn’t news to anyone who has studied Austrian economics or anyone who has read Amity Shlaes excellent history of the Depression, The Forgotten Man.

  10. Again, it is ironic and almost funny now that Obama has won that Liberals are ready to come together and work together. Sorry, I am not drinking the Kool-Aid. There is such a blatent double-standard here. It’s almost like Liberals have forgotten that they were the angry pessimists over the last administration. And the Bush hatred will probably stay around during most of Obama’s Administration. Sad.

    The difference is I always have believed this is the best country on Earth and I always will.

  11. Before you get to excited about Obama turning around the economy, you should know he selected Jenny Grandholm to his economic transistion team. If thats not a reason to doubt his judgement I dont know what is.

  12. Travis – It is not “angry pessimism” to to recognize that things are going to Hell in a hand basket when, in fact, they are.

    “Drinking Kool Aid” is to wear idealogical blinders for 8 years and fail to see that we have been hurtling down a disastrously wrong path.

    Lastly, you are entitled to think the U.S. is the “best country in the world” if you so choose. But please recognize that there is no objective, international grading standard that would support your belief. It is merely your opinion. Those, like myself, who don’t share your opinion are not “un-American”. We just have a different opinion.

  13. Since everyone seem to generalize the whole eight years as bad lets look at the numbers.

    2000-2006 Bush in the white house and republicans in charge of house and senate.

    Unemployment stood at 4.4%.
    Real GDP growth over the previous four years (under a Republican President, House and Senate) averaged 3% per year.
    A gallon of regular gasoline cost $2.30.
    The S&P 500 stock index stood at 1418, or 84% above its post-911 low and more than 7% higher than when Bush took office.
    Every year of Bush’s Presidency, real (inflation-adjusted) disposable income per person went up. By the end of 2006, the average person was making 9% more in real terms than before Bush became President .

    If you recall, that 2006 election was considered a referendum on Iraq. The people wanted change, so they threw out the Republicans and replaced them with Democrats. Welcome Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

    Here is how they handled Iraq once in office: Harry Reid told us that the Iraq war was “lost” and the surge was not “accomplishing anything.” Senator Obama introduced legislation that would have prevented the surge and would have taken all US troops out of Iraq by March 2008 (that would be seven months ago, as you read this) .

    Were they right?

    Barack Obama now admits that “the surge succeeded.” So much for that change. And as the surge succeeded, Congress’s approval ratings plummeted. The latest CBS/New York Times poll has it at 12%, well less than half of the already low level it stood at when the Republican Congress was being tossed out in 2006.

    The Democratic Congress did a great job, if what you’re looking for in a Congress is continual investigation of Republicans. Did the White House out CIA agent Valerie Plame? No, it was the anti-White House Richard Armitage at State, but Congress investigated anyway. Did Alberto Gonzalez, with White House urging, fire nine prosecutors for political reasons? Probably not, and it wouldn’t be a crime anyway, but Congress investigated, and is still investigating. Did the CIA, under orders from the White House, “torture” prisoners? No evidence of that yet, but Congress is on the case.

    What Congress would not investigate was anything about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In fact, they fought against such investigations and cast aspersions against anyone who would even doubt the soundness of those institutions. Here is what Barney Frank said:

    These two entities, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are not facing any kind of financial crisis. The more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing.

    I can sit here all day and pull this crap up.

  14. @markl: if you run a business that makes large profits some years and takes losses on others, and are concerned that on the profitable years you’ll get screwed by the Obama plan, you should probably make sure you’ve got an attentive accountant. You don’t always have to write off your entire loss in one year; there are ways to defer part of it for sunnier days. It takes some hoop-jumping, but that’s why there are CPAs.

  15. Man this log is on a roll. ^_^

    If ya ever need time to decompress from all of the politics, you can always hook up with me dood.

  16. How about a blog post on cookies tommorow. Everyone likes cookies, not fighting.

    MMMMMMMMM Cookies.

  17. If I ask for white chocolate macidamia cookies, are people going to call me racist.

  18. I am tired of the last 8 years crap. Five years after 9/11 the market was at a record high and the unemployment was at a record low. The per capita income has increased $8000. Failed economic policies my ass. Unemployment numbers didn’t start rising again until the Democratic Congress raised Minimum wage this year starting in January… and now 10 straight months of unemployment rising. Not a coincidence. Don’t even get me started on Barney Frank and the forced loan housing market. Also not the fault of the Administration. We’ve had it good and everybody knows it whether they admit it or not…

  19. @Travis: Per capita income increased while median income dropped. A very few people have profited tremendously through the poor policies of the past several years. It certainly isn’t all Bush’s fault, but he certainly hasn’t improved the lot of the citizenry in general. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is a good quick-and-dirty way to tell how Wall Street investors are doing with their investments and speculation schemes, but the economy as a whole is far more complicated than that.

  20. well put, logtar.

    hey! stay as long as you like: this is how the country was formed and continued to stay strong.

    and those of your ‘friends’ that have been less than gracious over the election will tend to be more and more bitter in the future; the demographics in the country are irreversibly changing and future politicians will reflect that reality, to include their priorities.

    in may ways, you and bea are the face of the future. your priorities will be addressed a little more each and every election.

    perhaps your friends are a little, je ne sais quois…nonplussed?, that their priorities have fallen in the overall scheme of things.

    that’s okay, they’ll either adapt or become irrelevant. Hang in there.

    p.s. – how’s the ear, better?

  21. I’m sorry that you had to go through this with nasty comments on YOUR own blog — if people don’t have anything nice to say in your own house, then just don’t say anything at all.

    I wound up voting for Obama (previously voting for Republicans throughout my life) b/c I don’t think the Republican party represents what it used to. I also had issues with Bush’s other policies, particularly those that have to do with personal liberties and privacy matters. But, I don’t really need to explain myself to anyone on how/why I voted the way that I did. Your friends will clearly not be on the same page with you, but it should be okay to disagree without it affecting your friendship.

    However, my understanding is that the bank policies on lending practices to people that were questionable actually started in the 90s, so I don’t agree that Bush is responsible for the economy but the businesses that made poor decisions. If you also look back at economic trends in a capitalist market, there are going to be surges and recessions, no matter what we try to do. Even if policies were relaxed under any president, it was still the banks’ decisions to engage in risky lending.

  22. Burrowowl,

    I love how people can just spit out so-called facts without any basis. What’s worse is when people believe the crap.

    Per Capita Income has increased on average 5.2% a year during the Bush Administration. You stated, falsely, that albeit to this, the Median income has fallen. This is incorrect. Median incomes have increased by 24 percent even with adjusted inflation. In addition, the median incomes of those initially in the lower income groups increased more than the median incomes of those initially in the higher income groups. That is a factual statistic straight from the US Treasure Income Mobility Study from 8/29/2008.

  23. @Travis: I concede that I was thinking of some pretty stale information, but I haven’t seen this August 2008 report you mention (didn’t see it on their site a moment ago). Considering the median income in 2001 was $42,228 and inflation was at 2.83, 1.59, 2.27, 2.68, 3.39, 3.24, and 2.84 percent each year George W has been in office, the median income would have to stand at about $50,924 just to break even, and at $63,146 to have a real improvement of 24%. (The inflation calculator says it was 20.55% between January 2001 and January 2008, which would change those totals to $50,905 and $63,122).

    The Census Bureau releases a report to the effect that median income was up from 2006 to 2007 reaching $50,233, so it’s certainly reasonable to say that it’s likely that median income will have either gone a tiny bit up or a tiny bit down under George W. Bush, all told.

    I like these chats. You should post to your site more often.

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