I Told You So!

Just does not quite say it… now we have to work together, all of us, to make this the greatest nation on earth, with the best ideas, the most opportunity, lets change the world. Obama won just like I said he would. This will teach you guys not to doubt me when I am certain about something.

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  1. I plan on saying that alot in the next four years. Time to take the rose colored glasses off and take a look at the number and details in his grand plans. He is going to kill small business in this country. If his plans go through were looking at cutting jobs from our small business. That should help with economic growth, but dont worry those people will be fine, they will get some of the rich peoples money. Oh wait there not rich anymore because they had to shout down thier business.

  2. I just hope that when Mark is affected in a positive way by this administration he also is as quick to point the finger.

    These are hard times for everyone, so now its going to be the time to point the finger at government? He has not even taken office and already his plan is dooming you because you are part of the wealthy?

    Lets just wait and see, hope and be united!

  3. No. Unlike most people in this election I looked at his proposed plans and if he follows through on them I will hurt our business. Its hard enough to deal with Jenny Granholm and the single business tax. And I am far from rich, but a man can dream cant he. I would love to be wrong, I really would, but after looking at his plans, I just dont see how it help grow the ecomony at all. Im all for social programs that help those that cannot help themself, but not those that WONT help themselves. His health care plan was tried in hawaii on a small scale, and it bankrupted the state governement and they had to abandon it. Sorry Im not drinking the Obama kool-aid.

  4. Just for the record, Im not a McCain fan either. It was a choice of get screwed hard or really hard.

  5. Obama’ tax plan would raise the tax rate on sole proprieters and partnerships from arount 39% to over 50%. If that doesnt cause some to cut jobs it will surely stop expansion of these small businesses as stall the economy. Plus in michigan there is the single business tax which taxes payroll not profits, so you get penalized for adding workers. Man I love this state.

  6. It’s funny how Liberals say they want to ‘Come Together’ only after they win. *gag*

    The bottom-line is now this. You’ve had control of the Hill for the last two-years and now you’ll control the White House. You own it. You carry the burden. The blame can no longer be placed on the GOP.

    Remember how you feel right now because the reality check is coming.

  7. I’ll give Obama the benefit of the doubt until he proves me wrong. Campaign promises are one thing, actually passing legislation is another. The only contention I have with your statment, “make this the greatest nation on earth, with the best ideas, the most opportunity” is that we already ARE the greatest nation, we HAVE the best ideas and are STILL the land of opportunity!! No change needed!!! =)

  8. I disagree Mark M,

    I think we our economy in the gutter takes away from being the land of opportunity quite a bit, (many argued that the economy was FINE at the begining of the election), the brains of the world are not gravitating here anymore, they are going to china and elsewhere now…

    The world right now DOES NOT see the United States as the greatest nation on earth… even though I think we can be… we will be.

  9. So, we are only a great nation if our economy is great? Isn’t the rest of the world in the tank right now too? Besides, our economy has nothing to do with the basics of opportunity. It is freedom that supplies opportunity. A better economy may allow a greater degree of success (if you only measure that in monetary gains) but the fact that freedom allows someone born into nothing to become anything is what opportunity is all about. It is not the guarantee of success, but the fact that freedom gives the opportunity for it for those that work hard.

    We don’t need “the brains of the world” to gravitate here either. Again, freedom and the American spirit of innovation gives us the ideas we need to lead. That was true when this country was founded, even while Europe was the “center of the world”.

    As far as the world not seeing us as the greatest nation, I would wonder what their measuring stick is (if that is the case). If we are considered great to them because we are like them, the I have no desire to appear great in their eyes. America has always been great because it has been a leader, not a follower. To quote the great President Reagan, “A troubled and afflicted mankind looks to us, pleading for us to keep our rendezvous with destiny; that we will uphold the principles of self-reliance, self-discipline, morality, and, above all, responsible liberty for every individual that we will become that shining city on a hill.”

  10. @Travis: The blame never rests solely on one side or the other.

    As long as there is more than one political party involved in Washington, the blame will not be only Democrats OR Republicans. Failures in government are shared failures.

    So the bottom line, Travis, really is this: People who blamed the GOP for screwing things up were wrong then, just as you’re wrong now for pretending that any failure that happens in this upcoming administration is solely the fault of the Democrats.

    Grow up, end your man-tantrum, act like an educated adult and use your brain to think rationally and logically for yourself, like free people are supposed to.

    To quote Doctor Cox, “I’m gonna go ahead and write you a prescription for two testicles that you can go ahead and fill, whenever you’re ready.”

  11. The United States IS the greatest country on Earth. To think otherwise is disgraceful. We’ve been through worse. To label the country with anything other than the pride that I have for it is disgusting and disrespectful. I do not base my patriotism on what the rest of the world thinks is best. The thought that “we can be” and “we will be” makes me want to punch you right in your fucking mouth. Regardless of what state we’re in regarding the economy, domestic or foreign affairs, whatever… I am proud to be an American and live in the Greatest nation in the world.

  12. @markl: where’d you get your numbers from? Obama’s stated and published proposal bumps the top marginal tax rate for businesses netting (not grossing, but netting) over $250,000 per year back up to roughly the Clinton-era level (which what lower than under Reagan). The vast majority of small businesses do not net that much, and are facing (gasp) a tax cut under Obama’s proposals.

    @Travis: yes! Lash out at us with your hatred! Strike us down! Embrace the dark side! Maybe if you punch somebody in the face and get convicted of felony assault we won’t have to worry about you getting to vote any more.

  13. Well maybe were not as small enough business for obama. The clinton levels you are talking about are for S Corps.

  14. Travis

    I am glad you are pissed, you should be pissed off, you should understand that even though YOU and I have food on our tables many people IN THIS COUNTRY do not, that even though YOU and I have health care and I was able to be operated by one of the best surgeons in the state, many people cannot even have their prescriptions filled… heck, this year I needed new glasses and contacts but because my budget is less than years past I decided to stay with my current ones for at least another year.

    Patriotism is something I feel too, but RIGHT NOW, this country IS broken in many ways and it is not the same country of 8 years ago. YOU cannot argue with plain reality and just calling this country the best country in the world by just name and pride does not automatically make it so…

    I am hurt that close friends of mine, people that I have shared so much with in many levels feel that I became a socialist and should move to another country… not sure if you feel that same or not, but I tell you this. I LOVE this country and I KNOW its broken, the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem… if the current situation does not do that to America and people like you then it will be too late when this country really goes down the gutter completely.

  15. We all agree the country is Broken, but socialism isnt the answer, It has never worked anywhere. Period. You may not be a socalist, but Barack Obama is. I value your freindship, but I just think your wrong on this. You got your wish. Obama is president. Only time will tell.

  16. If Star Trek tought me anything, it’s ratial tolerance. We’re taking our first steps to having an Alien president of a United Earth. ^_^

    Also some Vulcan at a convention told me that “The only Constant is Change, Adapt or die.”

    And learning from my accounting classes, we (the United States of America) will begin adopting Europe’s accounting standards by no later than 2011,(Google IASB) and fully incoprorated at the small bussiness lvl by 2016 hopefully. Change is truely unavoidable.

  17. Hurt so much that you chose to censor me on your blog. Nice.

    What happened to personal responsibility. Look, you can have *do gooder* feelings for all of those less fortunate, but there are legitimate reasons for it. Success does not take chances on people and hard work alone won’t make you a millionaire.

    America is not broken. Washington DC is. That is the difference John. The fundamental difference is that we don’t need the government, the government needs us. Plain and simple. Nothing that the government has done has ever made this country better.

    I do not accept those that believe America is broken or America is the problem. Believe what you want John, it doesn’t make me love you any less. But with Freedom of Speech comes the responsibility of criticism for what you say. But I also reserve the freedom to ignore you.

  18. I have no idea what you expect Travis… you are threatening me physically, calling what I believe (socialism, do goer, etc) and accusing me of potentially censoring you? I thought you knew who I am, what I believe in and that my wrong or right view has nothing to do with my politics. When you needed help in the past I lent you a hand, and my friendship never came with the stipulation that you had to believe what I did, in fact I have ALWAYS disagreed with your attitude towards race. Never once did I say I felt violent towards some of what you said, or even your family has said towards me, NEVER. To read in my blog and facebook that you might chose to ignore me because of what I think makes me sad because I thought you were someone I could call friend.

  19. John,

    So how much adsense money are you making from our fighting, if its more the 250k I want some.

    Just kidding.

    Nah, I really do want some.

  20. John,

    Don’t write me off with a guilt trip because of a little tough love. I told you once and I told you again that I love you like a brother. You think for one second that I would hold your twisted newfound political views against you? Please. If I don’t hold the fact that you are a dirty mexican against you, I am not going to disown you for being a Communist. But I certainly don’t have to accept it, anymore than you accept some of my beliefs. The fact of the matter is that I am not threatening you. But as a friend, I would punch you in your fucking mouth if it would help. However, in this case you can only help yourself. It’s not like you are doing crack, or else I would. I just disagree with you. :-)

  21. What is there to feel guilty about…

    My two best friends from college are telling me to go back to my country and that I am delusional for exercising my right to vote… that a dictatorship (if all the liberals move out of the country all at once and we follow just one idea, one guy, it will be a dictatorship)… those are some harsh words bro… you said some things I never expected from you or Eric for that matter… I NEVER have expected anything from you or called you what you have called me in the past two days… even when I disagreed I always tried to see your side… with you it has been all about you wanting to ignore my side because I am wrong and you are right. What I said was not about guilt, that just I have never made you feel bad for what you believe, and today I felt that the harsh words meant that I was not a friend and would be ignored because I voted for someone that you disagreed with… Saddam held elections too… remember.

  22. Mark,

    Travis knows I can take a punch, actually he knows if I stay away from his harder than normal knees a fight would be pretty over for him… he knows not to wrestle me… with Eric the guy that told me to go back to my Country it would be a tougher fight, he has been doing martial arts a lot longer than me, even though if I get him on the floor I might have a chance… but that was always college sparring friends, never an actual physical confrontation… they both can tell you that I don’t back down from a fight, even though now older wiser and recently operated it is not very likely for the next year… then I would say bring it on.

  23. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/chi-obama-chicago-socialist,0,4048540.story

    i think a lot of people, heard McCain and other republicans shout the word socialist and jumped on a bandwagon.

    Our country needs help. Period. No one is every going to agree 100% on politics, religion, or race issues. Its just a sad simple fact of life. We can only agree to disagree and move on.

    Threats of violence though are never good :(

    i deleted a facebook friend, someone i have known since HS because i couldn’t believe the unbelievably racist things that she was posting in the days leading up to and the hours after the election. i could deal with the socialist name calling, but when race entered the picture i had to bail. but i knew an arguement would be pointless, so i took silent action.

    i think you are a great guy, and i would love you no matter your party affiliation. i might tease you, but never hate on you. You’ve been a wonderful friend, and just as long as you know that, then thats all that matters!

  24. Me.

    The socialist stuff came right from Obama’s mouth not Mccain. But I had allready read Obamas tax and health care plan for myself before that. I think Obama is a great motivator and great public speaker. I really wanted to like him, but his plans in my opinion will stiffle the economy, which is something we dont need right now. The rest of the world seems to like him which is something that is probably good. I just hope its not the gladness we had when we were in school when you had a substitute teacher, and you knew you could get away with bunch of crap.

  25. John, quit your bitching like the woman that you are and give me big hug. People are never going to agree on religion and politics. You brought this shit on yourself for being smug about it. It’ll be okay John. Before you switched sides, you remembered what it felt like from the Bush-haters. Except now you’re hearing it from people closer to you. Toughen up you pansy!

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