We don’t give superheroes enough credit, having super human abilities is harder that I would have thought.

My hearing has been coming back, but it can be a burden. Imagine being able to hear your heartbeat 100 times amplified, ALL FREAKING NIGHT. It makes it hard to sleep, but at least it is a good sign.

My hearing has been going in and out, and I hope it will go stable some time soon. I cannot wait to be able to just hear again. I am done with surgery updates for now, if you are curious about something e-mail me :) Next time I post about this it will be when I get all better… we will continue with regular programming soon.

5 comments on “Superhuman

  1. Dude you were already a Superman. You didn’t need a bionic ear.

    If you aren’t gonna post updates, be prepared for me to ask you for the latest every time I see you (in person or not).

  2. I’m not sure if you’ve ever noticed in our pictures, but Ted’s left ear never opened up when he was born, so he can’t hear out of that side at all (he has the internal pieces, but the canal never opened). He could have it fixed but he’s so hesitant to b/c he’s used to managing, hearing and even balancing with the one ear that he’s not sure he wants (or can) deal with the change. I’m sure it will take a lot to get used to and I hope you get there soon and without a lot of pain.

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