Getting better, then getting worse

Well, the first day after the surgery it looked up. I seemed to be getting nicely off the anestesia and while I was being very careful I felt tons better. I did not feel dizzy and the soreness and oozing of my ear felt normal. Then next day I felt even more sore all over, but I decided I was well enough for a shower and that was not a good idea.

Not sure if it was the overconfidence and the movement, but I have been dizzy ever since. My balance is all out of whack and sudden movements can make me dizzy, also the pain came back. I dislike taking medicines for those symptoms, but for now I have to. So far this day has been the worse because I felt like crap since I woke up, but from what I know it should start getting better from now on… just no sudden movements and I should be ok.

The hearing is not all gone, but not coming back either. I hear some things, but its almost like it goes in and out… from what I’ve been told it should get better soon but not stabilize for a while. The other side effect is my tongue is numb on one side and I cannot taste much on it either. It was a known thing, but it still weird. Other than that I am alive and happy that this will start getting better soon.

5 Responses to Getting better, then getting worse

  1. Hang in there man!

  2. Did you get your helm from HH yet???? Today is the last day/night. If not I will log my toons and take you each time. THATS HOW much I love you man. (no homo)

    I will be on after 11 ish….

  3. Now just try an imagine if the government were responsible for your healthcare. Scary.

  4. My prayers be with you. ^_^
    Get well soon.

  5. Definitely hang in there. Hope you feel better soon.

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