Liars I tell ya

So I have finally totally woken up from the anesthesia but feel like I was hit by a truck. I mean I was awake an hour and a half after the operation but since then it has only been short periods of time of staying awake and then the anesthesia seems to kick back in and knock me out.

It was kind of funny before the operation the nurses and the doctor were all like, this is no big deal, you will be fine… but then the post up nurses when I was waking up started telling me how I would really feel and how I was going to be in pain and narcotics for the next couple of days!!! LIARS I TELL YA.

The pain in the ear was pretty bad, started as a 4 on their scale but quickly went to 7, but whatever they gave me worked after like 30 minutes and it has been ok since.

Yesterday was pretty miserable, the nausea sucks specially when you still feel hungry at the same time… hard to explain.

Anyway, it feels that now at 3:00 AM I have gotten rid of all the anesthesia and can finally stay awake for more than a couple of minutes. Since I could not get back to sleep again, probably too many hours of sleep by now, I checked on a project at work and decided to post. I wanted to thank everyone for all of their good wishes and my wife for being awesome taking care of me yesterday. I hope I can stay awake now and I don’t get too dizzy… so far so good.

9 comments on “Liars I tell ya

  1. the day when I got knocked out for wisdom teeth extraction is still on of the happiest day of my life, I never felt better. you forgot to mention if your hearing is better

  2. Glad to hear everything came out alright. Errr, I mean went in alright. Or maybe it is both. Anyway, glad you survived!! =)

  3. I’ve had the worst reactions to anesthesia and for my last surgery, my doctor perscribed some seasickness patches for me (I forgot the official name) that I put on beforehand and it helped so much. I know what you mean about being hungry, yet feeling like you’d throw up what you ate.

    Hope your ear heals nicely and quickly!

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