Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and even though Brazil is the largest exporter in the world, when most people hear about Colombia they think about coffee and Juan Valdez. The name of the donkey is “conchita” so that you cannot accuse me that I am not educational, you learned something new today.

While visiting Colombia I did drink a lot of coffee. Bea’s family enjoys drinking coffee throughout the day and I was very glad. I drink a big cup of coffee or two in the morning here in the US, but over there I was content with smaller doses during the day.

“Tinto” is what Colombians call coffee, as in a “cup of joe.” It might mean little different ways of making it depending on the geographical region, but it almost always refers to coffee.

Bea’s Mom and I would sit every morning to have a cup of coffee first thing. We would sit there and talk about so many different things, from the meaning of life to the mundane. She had a very calming effect on me, her inner peace is easy to get drunk on. For someone that survived losing her husband and two of her kids, she is full of hope and will to live, but most of all inner peace.

One of the hardest things for me now is not to be able to sit down and drink a cup of coffee with her in the morning. I seldom find people that are morning people anymore. Not many people can stand the thought of having a talk about philosophy or religion first thing in the morning, but we would sit there and try to fix the world. I cannot wait to go back to Colombia and enjoy many cups of coffee with Bea and her family again.

4 comments on “Tinto

  1. Man,
    bring it on! i do the coffee thing pretty much every morning. it’s the most inspiring time of the day. it’s the time that Hemingway wrote all his books and a great time to watch the world.

    if you ever have problems finding someone to do coffee with in the mornings, hit me up friend.

    – Lucas

  2. Not a coffee drinker, drank black in the morning a few years, and last year I was doing fru-fru coffee, but now I am caffeine restricted.

    As for mornings, yeah I am a night person. Mornings I tend to be a little tired and cranky till I get going. On the other hand I am up for a good conversation at any time I can actually stay awake. I function just fine in the AM, just don’t always like it tho.

    Oh and thanks for the info about Conchita, that may win me a contest some day!

  3. Wook, by the time I get to work I have had my dosage of coffee for the day, and also I don’t feel like we can sit on the lunch room for too long before we get the, “get back to work” looks.

    I would be totally up for getting there a little early and enjoying a cup of joe at the lunch room.

    And Lucas, I will also take you up on an early cup because like I said I think that morning people are just scarce now a days.

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