Laser & Pistons

The anxiety had been building for a while now; the questions in my head had been trying to defeat my optimism on the drive to the appointment, but I kept on saying to myself, have faith, it will be ok. As I approached the waiting room I begin to get a little calmer and held the door open for an elderly couple that was lagging behind he on the way there. When I entered a guy in an auto shop uniform was staring at me, but I smiled and waited to see if the elderly couple wanted to talk to the receptionist first.

They sat down without talking to the lady and I went in to speak with her. She asked my name and all of my information in a now familiar tone of voice. I am at a place where most people are hard of hearing so everyone speaks a little louder with perfect enunciation. I filled in the paper work and waited while reading about how Sarah Palin has actually made enemies on her rise to political stardom. It was a welcomed distraction until my name was called.

The consultation took longer than an hour and a lot of instruments both high and low tech were used. The prognosis of the audiologist was correct, I have Otosclerosis which is going to be treated with an Stapedectomy. (See Picture here)

In very simple terms, a laser is going to blast away my stapes which will then be replaced by a state of the art piston that is made of some special memory polymer that will be attached to the existing long process of the anvil. Sounds kind of cool… unless its your head that is going to have lasers inside of it.

Overall its just a simple ambulatory procedure that the doctor seem to think it was no big deal. The potential complications are serious, but very low percentage. It is very possible that I will be going under the knife for the first ear (they cannot do both at once) next week. Recuperation time is about a month for the operation, about 4 moths to evaluate hearing results. So that is all I have at the moment.

10 comments on “Laser & Pistons

  1. That is the same condition the main character on CSI had a few years back, and his surgery really helped. I am sure yours will be as successful.

    Thanks for providing links, there was so much I didn’t know. And actually the more I read, the more sure I am that you will do great.

  2. I’ll keep you in mind next time i need someone with bionic hearing to help me crack open some safes at the first national bank. ^_ ^

  3. So, wait. You mean to tell me you will have freaking “lazers” in your face?!

    All you need is a mini clone of yourself and a snazzy jumpsuit and you can hold the Earth hostage!

    Seriously, though. I’m relieved to hear they’re sure they have an excellent opportunity to make things better for you. Let me know if we can lend a hand with anything!

  4. I can’t help but be reminded of that lame lame lame old insult from bad science fiction (and Spaceballs, IIRC): Laser-brain. That’ll be you, Logtar, a laser-brain.

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