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I was shocked and awed when one of my favorite public figures and maybe the most influential military mind of our times Colin Powell endorsed Obama.

As a former republican, I consider myself an independent now, I used to think that Powell could actually be the first minority president of the United States. I have always liked his character, his demeanor and his way of thinking.

We still got some time to go on this race, but the 100 and 75 thousand crowds in St Louis and Kansas City are another testament that Obama is being identified as the candidate that will lead the nation out of these horrible times of war and financial inestability.

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  1. I actually wrote him in in the first George Jr election. I didn’t get to meet him so much as see him when he visited the boat I was stationed on while in the Navy. He had presence of command and yet also seemed possessed of grace and thought. After serving in W’s cabinet tho, I didn’t write him in the next time. I have to admit to a little disappointment.

    I was however tickled pink to hear Sunday’s announcement.

  2. He gave a very intelligent, well-reasoned, convincing endorsement yesterday. He delivered it so well I half-expected him to pull out a diagram showing a fake mobile weapons lab and a vial of white powder.

  3. Did you see that the Chicago Tribune announced their endorsement of Obama, too? First time ever in the newspaper’s history they have endorsed a dem! woo!

  4. we can but hope.

    i’m not lookin’ for a ‘saviour’, as it were, just someone reasonable who can get our troops home, make a stab at restroing some fiscal sanity to the economy and work at also repairing our reputation abroad.

    that’s more than enough for a first term.

    though, if Cheney and Bush should just happen to go traveling abroad and get arrested for war crimes, that would be fine, too.

  5. So let’s say your “savior Obama” is elected (he won’t be) but let’s say he is…what percentage will his administration blame the former admin for the next 4 years? I’m guessing 95%. If nothing gets done and Obama fails and it’s the same politics (regardless of Democrat or Republican)- you can always blame Bush. As for fiscal responsibility- do you really, honestly believe it was just the Republicans fault? Good Lord some of ya are just BLIND.

    Btw– Newspapers are SUPPOSED to be UNbiased….

  6. @Wookieluv: unbiased newspapers? Since when? Were the Federalist Papers unbiased? The idea of an impartial news media is pretty recent and largely fictional.

  7. @ Burrow– I said “Supposed” to be. I know the reality of it is each newspaper/media have their own agenda which is complete B.S….of course I am talking about true old school journalism so…nevermind.

    Obama unto you all.

  8. I get all my news from the Daily Show with John Stewert and the Colbert Report. Which are 100% fake and bias. ^_^

  9. God help us if Obama is elected. I like my money and going to the doctor when Im sick and free speech.

  10. I want each of you to suck a fart out of my ass when and if Obama gets elected and ends up fucking up the country beyond repair. Believe me, I will collect.

  11. See, the thing that gets me, Travis, about those opposed to Obama, is that many seem to have this belief that Obama supporters think he can do no wrong.

    That in and of itself is pretty disappointing.

    Will Obama fuck up? Of course! He’s not only human BUT he’s also a politician. Will he fuck up less than McCain/Palin? I believe and hope so.

    I don’t mind when politicians make mistakes – and I’m pretty forgiving of even colossal mistakes, however, what makes a difference is how they handle an obvious blunder.

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