Sorry for the unanounced hiatus

We were in sunny Colombia, we are on our way back :) our internet connection has been spotty at best but I finally got both computers in Bea┬┤s house in Colombia working properly, but darn it surfing on a 44k connection is painful… lots of post, lots of pictures, lots to come about our trip.

Being away had another side effect, my site was down due to some script misbehaving, but it should be ok until I am able to troubleshoot it. For now, everyone have an awesome weekend and wait for many things to be posted about the trip.

4 comments on “Sorry for the unanounced hiatus

  1. Whew when both your site and Bea’s went offline I was afraid you had been kidnapped by rebel alien Chupacabras and the government was blacking out your site to keep panic at a minimum.

    Then I remembered, its the Internet, shit happens.

    Glad the 2 of you are good, looking forward to tales and pictures of the trip.

  2. So that’s why! Well, what about a big wordy post about your travel? For the sake of nostalgy and all!!

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