Many of us have heard stories of how someone has missed a plane that ended up being in a fatal accident. There is a very clear outcome to that twist of faith or is it destiny.

In our every day lives we make decisions that could potentially have that same effect. Should we be aware of them? are they important only in hindsight?

I have had a gut feeling before. For some reason I have decided to slow down just before I see a police trap. While that could be just my subconcious telling me that it has before seen one set up in that area or just plain memory those things happnes. Is there such a thing as instict? or is it just our brain working faster than we are aware?

I tent to listen to those gut fellings, when something inside me tells me there is something wrong more often than not it is true. When I meet people and I see something not right with them, it might not be for quite some time but eventually I find out that there is something that I truly don´t like or respect about them.

Do you believe in gut feelings? or do you think that instict just comes from our brain?

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  1. I do believe in trusting your gut. Whatever you call it, instinct or the 6th sense… I think it is very real.

    It’s also why I am not voting for Obama. I trust my gut. And if you’re not sure, just ask yourself this: “Which candidate would our enemies prefer to win?”

  2. Twists of fate and gut instincts seem to be two different things. I personally believe that often times without our knowledge, things that seem annoying or frustrating to us (like traffic jams or detours/delays) are often put into our path by God on purpose. He could be protecting us from the person running the red light or simply trying to teach us patience.

    I do believe in instinct too. I’m not sure that I’ve ever really had a bad feeling about a person, place or situation that has made me avoid it but I think people can somehow pick up on things when they just aren’t right. It is probably an ability that is more attuned in some.

    Not to get too far off topic, but these ideas can go into premonitions also. According to a trusted source (my wife) her mom on two different occasions knew something bad had just happened to one of her kids. Once her son got in an accident and she just dropped the dishes she was doing and jumped in the car and drove down the road right to the scene of the accident. I have actually had a dream that came true the next day, which really freaked me out but I’ve never had it happen again. Weird wild stuff =)

  3. I have this feeling in my gut every once in a while. Usually after I fart the feeling goes away.

  4. Travis -“Which candidate would our enemies prefer to win?” I bet they want an old senile white man who doesn’t know Spain from Mexico, Shiite from Suni. With a reich wing sidekick who believes God sent our service men & women to Iraq. Sorry, I’m tired of the world (including our enemies) knowing that our president is an idiot. I want someone who can think & speak intelligently. That’s why I’m voting for Obama.

    Sorry Logtar! I just couldn’t help myself. Please forgive me.

  5. I believe in intuition. And I believe that if we pay attention, there are clues in any situation that alert us to something not being right. Not necessarily intuition – more like radar. Gavin DeBecker’s Gift of Fear talks about it.

  6. I’ve always thought that I’ve had more of a sixth sense than the average person. If it comes from the brain, then I think it’s from a different section of what we normally use to analyze facts. I consider myself a really logical/factual person, but there are times when my gut swings me another way and I’m rarely (if ever) regret it.

  7. “Do you believe in gut feelings? or do you think that instict just comes from our brain?”

    Well I never get a rumbly tummy if that is what you mean. That’s not true, I do get a tight stomach when I am worried or feel guilty. The other times I just know what I should do. For me instinct is knowing what I should do in a certain situation without having to go through the logical thought process to reach that decision.

  8. Spyder,
    Terrorist groups have already gone on record to support Obama. This is enough to make me vote for Papa Smurf if he was running agains Barrack.

    I am sorry but when Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Fatah’s al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, and even Kim Jong II, Castro, and Qaddafi openly support Obama… you have to see the writing on the wall. Whether or not you like Bush or what he has done, he has kept us safe and the Terrorists are afraid of him. They want a weaker president. Plain and simple.

  9. Travis- I don’t agree. If Bush had heeded the warnings that they had previous to 9-11 maybe we would have been safer. And I believe that the terrorist are smart enough to think that if they support a particular person people would go the opposite way. So I would recommend not using the terrorist to make a voting decision. Personally, I’m offended by the lies McCain said (at the debate) when he said he supports our veterans & military. He record is contrary to that. I’m against the war but not against our soldiers. They deserve the best.

  10. “I guess I crossed the line, log deleted both my babblings I posted here earlyer… I’m sorry John. =\”

    You sure it wasn’t a spam issue…..I’ve had my comments disappear too…**shifty**

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