When a child tells you that they are bored, one of the easiest ways to motivate them is to tell them to go do a chore. Most will prefer to go back to finding that old toy interesting to having to clean their room.

As we grow up, boredom is something that can also be encountered. I combat it early on by having tons of things to do, and well lately video games do not let me get bored very easily.

I started to wonder if that is a reality, or am I just simply so busy that being bored is just not something that my crazy schedule allows.

I have plenty of books that I want to read, some already have been purchased. I have video games in need of finishing and some even just in need of playing. My acustic guitar has collected dust for years and event the 5 year old brand new strings show signs of aging.

Are we even allowed to be bored in this fast paced world?

6 comments on “Boredom

  1. Boredom is more likely a symptom of our fast-paced world. We become accustomed to always having something to do, somewhere we need to get to, some list of milestones to reach and chores to finish and levels to grind and what-have-you. I try to make a point of never being bored. Instead I am simply in repose.

  2. I haven’t been bored with my life in general in decades. Sure there are things at work that could be different. But all in all I do pretty much what I want.

  3. I think a lot of it comes down to choices. I find myself bored sometimes and it’s not that i can’t find something to do, it’s just that it might not interest me at that given time (and what I want to do just might not be possible to do at that moment).

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