What is the right direction?

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction”
-Winston Churchill

I huge percentage of my friends are republican. The responses to my last post were just as expected. People are very polarized by the current state of things, some people think that everything is fine while others think that this is shaping out to be the worse of times. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, but even the most studied political analyst does not have the full picture. I doubt if anyone has the full picture.

Vision is a word that is often used when talking in the corporate world. Visionaries are always respected people that have a clear view of the road ahead. What happens when that visionary is looking down the wrong road?

I would argue that when it comes to driving I have never been lost, just learning new roads. I know Chicago probably a lot better than people that have lived there all of their lives, I am getting to know know Kansas city little by little. When I do go somewhere I am not afraid of using my GPS to get there. I am also not beyond stopping and asking for directions when I am not getting to where I need to go.

The first time I went back to Colombia as an adult I grew up a lot more. I got to see what I left behind and how some decisions affects more than one life. I think what impacted me the most is how we see things so differently when we are older. I always thought growing up that I knew everything and then getting older and wiser was something very gradual. That trip taught me that single situations can change the course of your life or change your view on things. One second can change a life.

Change is a good thing, but it is even better when it is done when everyone affected by that change are taken into account. As the politics of this country keep on moving forward to the upcoming election we have to see who is promising change, and if that is the direction that we want to go.

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  1. I love to compare your and M.V.’s posts on politics; you’ve both experienced divergent political systems before coming to this country and both your ‘takes’ show:

    M.V. appears, in many ways, the epitome of the stereotypical “Russian”, a dour pessimist positing as a realist – there is no sense in voting because we have already traveled past the pale, et cetera

    I will take a large gamble and suggest that this is due to the Russian habit of ignoring laws they don’t like or approve of; their long history with governmental representatives that find themselves and their utterances overruled by tradition and, finally, their accommodation with dysfunctional systems – when something is not allowed, but you really want it, it is permitted as an exception. My take on M.V. is that he sees America heading in (or already at) a direction he grew up with and knows how to ‘work’, so he is not as uncomfortable with the direction…

    By contrast, your posts always have more hope and certain light to them. I know so little of your homeland – other than a superficial study of the history of The Church and how your nation straddles two diametrically opposed ‘nations’: the official nationalism of an authoritarian, military power type, and its uneasy coexistence with Colombia’s indigenous communities (and I am not trying to belittle by minimalism – just summing up a shallow interpretation) – that I hesitate to ascribe your tone to any one thing. I do, however, enjoy it.

    You and M.V. ought to think about a collaborative Point/CounterPoint column for the rest of the political season.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I want to change in the direction that has grown-ups back in charge of the Republic. You can see my last two postings for that.

  3. For the public record, I am not a Republican and will be voting for Obama..which does not make me a Democrat…it makes me a waffler. I can’t vote for McCain for 3 reasons all of which make sense only to me.

    1. He’s too old…and if he dies well have a woman president…no thanks.
    2. His voice is annoying.
    3. He’s an Alien Robot (see “V”)

    I’m voting Obama for 3 reasons all of which make quasi sense.

    1. His demeanor. You thought Clinton was Black and Smooth?? This guy makes him look like “Dog The Bounty Hunter”
    2. His ears.
    3. He’s an clone (see “SW Clone Wars).

  4. 1. Reagan and Bush were just as old. Age before beauty anyway. Experience counts for more.

    2. You are right about his voice.

    3. He is just a stiff military veteran. Anyway, “V” was alien reptiles and their voices vibrated.

    1. Again smooth demeanor doesn’t make up for lack of experience. You’re afraid of Palen in VP but you are okay with an unexperienced black man at #1?!? He’s the equivelent of a student fresh out of college that hasn’t finished his Thesis yet.

    2. You are right about his ears. Can’t argue there.

    3. Not technically a clone, they just all look alike. 😉

  5. Travis,

    Obama has 20 years of public service plus a record of teaching. I consider that much time in government plus his work on the foreign relations committee and the sub-committees of African Affairs, East Asia and Pacific Affairs to be “experience”. Feel free to google Obama experience and see if you think he has enough.

  6. “You’re afraid of Palen in VP but you are okay with an unexperienced black man at #1?!?”

    Yes, I’m afraid of a Woman President over a Black Man. Plus…he’s not black…he’s tan.

    Wait..I just said Black & Tan….now I’m thirsty.

  7. Keith,

    No, he hasn’t had enough. He is a junior Senator from my state and he has been campaigning for President since he got to Washington. In fact, the Senate only had 143 working days from the day he set foot to the day he announced his candidacy. The public record shows that he missed 41% of the votes that went to the floor. This sounds eerily similar to his meager experience in the Illinois senate where he generally showed up but never voted up or down on any major legislation. He has no experience. His 20 year claim was fluff.

  8. Travis, what would be sufficient experience?

    Do you have the absentee record for McCain for comparison? (Hint: it seems to be higher than Obama’s) Mr. McCain seems to have a .000 when voting on Afghanistan as well.

    But again, these metrics might be meaningless in how a McCain administration runs the country. However, as he has shown no commitment to balance a budget or keep away from the far-right Christo-facists, I find no compelling reason to cast my vote for him.

  9. Wookieluv – “He’s too old…and if he dies well have a woman president…no thanks.”
    My question any woman or THAT woman?

  10. Keith,

    If you think Obama is sufficiently experienced to be the most powerful man on the planet, then by that definition, so am I.

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