Kansas City World Famous?

At least today. I tune into my morning news source, the BBC World Service, and I hear not just Kansas City being mentioned, but even Funkhouser’s grave digger’s voice. Take a listen to the piece centered around the Mayor’s plan to make the city more bicycle friendly. The whole time I was wondering if one of the people along for the ride was a blogger…

4 Responses to Kansas City World Famous?

  1. Hey, you don’t have to be a bicyclist to get shot in this city.

  2. The BBC? Are you serious? It’s no wonder you still support Obama. You get your news from the most Liberal news source on the planet. It even eclipses MS-NBC. Wow.

  3. I approve anything to move those cyclists off to the side better so I can drive around them.

  4. I hate havin to pull in gas stations to whipe the cyclist off the grill.

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