Does Wii Fit really help your fitness goals?

I have spent the last couple of weeks with the Wii Fit, and even though I was skeptical at first I am very happy we got it.

I have approached fitness and weight loss from so many angles that I have lost count. Even though I have not done many diets, I have tried with mixed results. In the end, there is no magic pill, magic diet or magic exercise. It all comes down to simple equations. If you burn more calories than what you eat you will lose weight. The more balanced your meals, the more energy you will have both long and short term.

I started about a month ago taking the stairs to the 4th floor every day. I do not take them down because it is harder on your knees. They have not bothered me in quite some time, but I do not want to upset them. I did have to stop doing DDR because they were not responding very well to the side to side motion, even when soccer was no problem. That was the first change I introduced on my quest for overall wellness.

About a month ago I started to watch what I eat, and at least at lunch I am trying to introduce healthy alternatives. Vegetables instead of french fries… soup and salads where available. I have not been supper consistent, but I say at least a couple of lunches a week I do a good meal. Most of the changes I had noticed have to do more with how I feel overall than actual weight change.

This is where everything gets very interesting. The Wii fit has been one of the only things that has made me see how much my food choices affect my weight. I was one of those people that believed in only checking my weight once a week, because otherwise supposedly the fluctuation would drive me nuts. This has been one of those fitness myths that I adhered to. Knowing your weight fluctuation gives you an idea of exactly what food does to your body.

Mexican food is awesome and I know it is bad. I however did not know how bad it was. I had one Mexican meal, two tamales and one taco, some of the rice and some of the beans and my weight went up a whooping 4 pounds. Of the whole time I have been doing the Wii fit, this was the biggest day to day fluctuation. I understand that weight has to do with water retention and other factors, but to see it happen just like that was very surprising.

I think the most important thing that Wii Fit does for you is to make you aware of posture. Any chiropractor will tell you how essential good posture is, but Wii Fit really makes you aware of it. Mine has improved quite a bit since I started, but just making me aware of it makes a huge difference.

Another great feature of the Wii Fit is the slow pace. You “unlock” exercises as you progress, but the exercises you have also have levels of difficulty. You can start very slowly or progress at a great pace. The generous numbers of options also make it easy to mix up your workouts. Yoga, Strength and Balance are innovative, the calorie burning one is stuff we have all seen before in other “fitness” games but its fun.

Overall Wii Fit is not going to replace a regular workout routine either outside or at the Gym. However it is an excellent place to keep track of your progress and overall fitness.

You don’t know how to swim?

If you don’t know who Michael Phelps is you are not watching any Olympic coverage and shame on you. Even if you think China’s leaders should instantaneously combust because Tibet is not free, you cannot deny that the greatest athletes on the planet competing is an amazing thing to watch. I have been catching as much of it as I can, and I witnessed live how one human won 8 gold medals in a single Olympics. Amazing.

I knew that my wife was a tennis player and actually competed before. We had talked about sports quite a bit since we both like to watch sports, but I had never mentioned that I actually swam in high school. I was part of the team and helped with lifeguard duties. I also did some diving, but nothing at any competitive level. It was mostly about fun, doing laps and working out.

A couple of years ago I heard one of my friends mentioning not wanting to get on a boat. At first I thought it was sea sickness, but then he told me he did not know how to swim. It surprised me that an adult did not know how to swim, but then I started to ask and guess what… a lot of people don’t know how to swim.

I have not taken a lifeguard course in a long time, or renewed my first aid training. However, I know I can teach people how to swim. I have a pool where available where the kids section of it is actually a good size. I also have flotation devices, aka love handles, that can keep a couple people afloat. In all seriousness, I think is a very good skill to have.

I want to invite any of you to come and learn how to swim. Let me know who is interested (I know a couple of you mentioned you would do it) and we will work out a date for a little swimming lesson.


Pachouli is a small East Indian shrubby mint; fragrant oil from its leaves is used in perfumes. In Colombian we use the word Pachuli to describe a perfume that is too strong and not necessarily pleasant. The meaning translation of the term would almost be cheap perfume.

My Grandfather used to work for a chemical company. One of the many things that the company made was perfume. My Grandpa loved wearing cologne, and would sometime experiment with samples he got at work. Once you mix too many of the scents, it ends up smelling the same… like cheap perfume.

My father also loves wearing cologne, and has probably 5 different ones right now. I only have a couple at a time because I do not like to use too much. I don’t buy stuff that is too expensive, and right now for aftershave I use Adidas, it smells good and its only like 14 bucks.

I don’t hear very well and my glasses are once again in need of stronger lenses, but I have a pretty good sense of smell. Its not super power level, but I do associate memories to smell a lot. This morning after shaving the after shave smelled almost like the concoctions my Granpa used to mix. Not in paranormal way, more on a he changed my life so much, I felt he was still here with me.

Nice guys finish last

I might catch a lot of heat for this post, but it really needs to be said. Being a nice guy is sometimes very counterproductive when applied to our society. I am so tired of so many nice people I know getting the worse end of the deal over and over.

I am a nice guy by nature, but I can turn the other way really quickly. I had to learn how because I kept on getting taken advantage of. What bothers me the most is when people take nice for weak.

One of my good friends is getting literally abused a work. Chastised in front of clients (I have experienced that in the past), taken for granted (even though he is the biggest biller for the company), and worse of all being made the scape goat (the main reason why I left the last company I was with.)

The other situation is how nice guys have such a hard time dating. The good, responsible guys are constantly being overlooked for the bad boys. If you are nice and accommodating you are thought of as a wimp, but if you are a jerk woman just come in droves. And it is not just maturity, I`ve had friend of all ages being ignored just because they are just too nice. The flip side of that is that many woman are still in abusive relationships and make excuses for those people that mistreat them.

So is this world for the jerks? Are they the ones that are the leaders of the pack and deserve the attention? What do you guys think?

Stand Up Comedian?

I think I am funny… yes, you heard it first, I am delusional. However, people do laugh at what I say, even though it is still up for discussion whether it is with me or at me, people do laugh. Recently I have been picking up the habit of listening to stand up comedy a day. It is something I enjoyed since I was a kid listening to the people that would come to the radio morning shows and Colombian stand up comedians.

I have started to listing to a variety and I find that some of them are not that funny, and even though they are not bombing on their shows, they are not getting that much of a reactions. If those dudes can make it, maybe I can too.

My wife has a pretty good sense of humor, and enjoys mine. It started as an inside jokes that some of our every day life occurrences were going to become part of my stand up. The more I said it as a comeback, them more it started to sound like a possibility. I mentioned it to a couple of friends and they said, do it… go to a local place and give it a try. One even said he will look for me and hold me to do it one of these days.

Without even knowing it, I have been working on material in my head for some time now. And unlike most comedians, I am not afraid of having someone else steal it, or do a version of it. I think that if you get bigger laughs from someone else’s jokes its cool… you do have to make it your own though. So with that thought in mind I present you my first bit.

Do you guys like reality TV?
I used to like it, but now I have realized that reality TV really does not exist. With most shows actually being scripted… I know hard to believe that they actually manipulate people into doing or saying things for money. I actually want to create a Reality TV channel… I know what you are thinking, there already is a Reality TV channel, but the one on right now is not my Reality TV channel.

I will have a show that is a group of friends trying to make it through their 20s, and don’t tell me there is already a show called friends or its most recent clone, how I met your mother, I know, I have seen them and they are not reality. Neither of the shows have a token minority friend, sure they all date minorities to show they are cool, but none of them actually have a friend of a different color… and while we are on the subject, when the being Jewish become a color? I hardly think that not eating a tasty animal like pork puts you on the same level with us “Chicharron” eaters, most Jewish people can keep their last name a secret and still pass for “white.”

Getting back to my real friends show, besides having real multiculturalism in my show, there will be real arguments. Friends will lose friends over money not being paid. Friends will help each other move and destroy and build backyard structures. Friends will forget their wallets when time to pay for dinner will come. When friend date each other the whole group has to break apart and take sides, and the baby mama drama will be real.

My reality TV channel will also have real commercials. None of these commercials that show beaches, flower fields and puppies, I am talking about real life. This is how I would advertise products, come with me.

A kid is trowing a huge tantrum and resists to go to bed, at first you would think I have already seen this in another channel, they are just advertising their Super Nanny show, but just wait. The kid is now running around crying and refusing to go to bed… then suddenly the kid stumbles and passes out… Voice over comes on, Super Drowsy Children Benadryl, because you also deserve a good night of sleep.

Real advertisement, for real life…

So what do you guys think? funny? I have a couple of more things for the bit and it is a work in progress, but give me some feedback.