To Nicholas and Alix

Today you are uniting your lives through a ceremony and going to become husband and wife. When I first met my wife I told her about one of my beliefs. A relationship is like a rope made of many strands. Each strand is something that we share, do for each other, like about each other or even compromise about for each other. The more the strands, the stronger the rope.

Alix, you are someone that is fully committed to making Nicholas happy. I see how from the little things to the big things you are always behind him supporting him. You truly believe that taking care of your man makes you a better person and that is a rare thing in today’s “me, me, me” world.

Nicholas, you are one of the youngest wise man I have ever met. The way you talk about Alix and how much you love her is inspiring. From the little details to the big ones you are never afraid to show love or emotion for Alix. That truly shows that you know what being a man is all about.

You are both excellent friends to each other, and I am so glad I can call you both friends. I am honored to be a part of this joyous day. I know much happiness is coming your way, because I know what it is like to be married to my best friend! Waking up next to someone that supports you makes you feel like a million bucks every single day.

Today a new chapter of your life begins, and even though I am glad that I get to remove the “to be” after I call Alix your wife from now on, the reason I am so excited for you guys is that you are uniting your lives in marriage, even though you guys are already a family. My best wishes to both of you!

7 comments on “To Nicholas and Alix

  1. There is going to be NO online wedding. Neither of them are into that sort of thing.

    The ceremony however is going to be really cool, but I will leave that up to them to elaborate on if they chose to. :)

  2. THANK YOU VERY MUCH LOG! Appreciate all you did to help us throughout our wedding plans before during and after.


  3. Thank you thank you thank you very very much for your extremely sweet post; but even more so, for all the things that you did by being a part of our important events etc.
    I can’t thank you enough actually!
    Thank you for sharing your warm thoughts about our relationship!


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