The Great Outdoors

I grew up around mountains and went to school outside of my city. Even though I grew up in an urban area in Colombia, I had fruit trees in my backyard and there was plenty of green around. My Dad would take us to the river or the pool almost every weekend. While he played soccer we would get to swim.

I love domesticated animals, and admire the beauty of the wild ones. Pictures and movies ala national geographic are the closest I like to get. I don’t enjoy Zoos or any place that captures animals for display. I will go to them because I do think it is important to support those places so they can keep the animals alive, specially the ones that could not be reintroduced into the wild.

I just heard about chiggers and how in this its not really advisable to lay on the grass for star gazing. My supervisor recently had some kind of blood disease thanks to a tick that he did not find until a day later after going fishing. He was pretty ill for a week, but thankfully he recovered, but what he went through I don’t wish on anyone.

I like spending time in the outdoors, but the weather has to be just right. This weekend I got to play some golf with some friends and the weather was nice. Even though it was hot, there was a breeze and it was not uncomfortable to be outside for hours.

I realized that besides going to the Powell Gardens recently, where are portion of the visit was climate controlled, this was the most I had been outside for an extended period of time.

Air Conditioning only happens in certain places in Colombia, maybe offices, stores and banks. Most living places are not air conditioned and you get used to live with the weather. A fan or a thick blanket are what you use to be air conditioned. Here in the US I have always lived in places that have at least some kind of winter, you have to be able to protect yourself from the elements.

I need to spend more time outside breathing other air than the recycled air I get at home and work. It feels good to open the windows at home and let fresh air in, but there is probably no replacement for the open air.

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  1. I noticed that the nature here is pretty unfriendly. Besides being hot and humid, there are all kinds of animals and insects that are trying to kill you, sting you and otherwise hurt you. When I was a kid I ran outside all day long and never was bit by anything. No one mowed or sprayed anything, there were just no evil animals. The worst thing we had were mosquitoes. As far as no AC, I grew up without one but my house was built out of 2 feet thick limestone and retained temperature pretty well. Houses here are built from cardboard and construction paper, shut the AC off and you have 30 min before everything starts melting inside.

  2. If I speak from my personal experience, I would encourage EVERYONE to go out and enjoy nature. This is such a beautiful planet!

    I grew up in the country side, lots of trees, lots of grass, wild animals, lots of mosquitos, bees, spiders. I drank a lot of dirty water, I came home with wounded knees more often than not.

    And here I am. Still alive and happy. I also chose a career that allowed me, for a while, to be in permanent contact with nature. If I could, I would do it all over again, double.

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