Does Wii Fit really help your fitness goals?

I have spent the last couple of weeks with the Wii Fit, and even though I was skeptical at first I am very happy we got it.

I have approached fitness and weight loss from so many angles that I have lost count. Even though I have not done many diets, I have tried with mixed results. In the end, there is no magic pill, magic diet or magic exercise. It all comes down to simple equations. If you burn more calories than what you eat you will lose weight. The more balanced your meals, the more energy you will have both long and short term.

I started about a month ago taking the stairs to the 4th floor every day. I do not take them down because it is harder on your knees. They have not bothered me in quite some time, but I do not want to upset them. I did have to stop doing DDR because they were not responding very well to the side to side motion, even when soccer was no problem. That was the first change I introduced on my quest for overall wellness.

About a month ago I started to watch what I eat, and at least at lunch I am trying to introduce healthy alternatives. Vegetables instead of french fries… soup and salads where available. I have not been supper consistent, but I say at least a couple of lunches a week I do a good meal. Most of the changes I had noticed have to do more with how I feel overall than actual weight change.

This is where everything gets very interesting. The Wii fit has been one of the only things that has made me see how much my food choices affect my weight. I was one of those people that believed in only checking my weight once a week, because otherwise supposedly the fluctuation would drive me nuts. This has been one of those fitness myths that I adhered to. Knowing your weight fluctuation gives you an idea of exactly what food does to your body.

Mexican food is awesome and I know it is bad. I however did not know how bad it was. I had one Mexican meal, two tamales and one taco, some of the rice and some of the beans and my weight went up a whooping 4 pounds. Of the whole time I have been doing the Wii fit, this was the biggest day to day fluctuation. I understand that weight has to do with water retention and other factors, but to see it happen just like that was very surprising.

I think the most important thing that Wii Fit does for you is to make you aware of posture. Any chiropractor will tell you how essential good posture is, but Wii Fit really makes you aware of it. Mine has improved quite a bit since I started, but just making me aware of it makes a huge difference.

Another great feature of the Wii Fit is the slow pace. You “unlock” exercises as you progress, but the exercises you have also have levels of difficulty. You can start very slowly or progress at a great pace. The generous numbers of options also make it easy to mix up your workouts. Yoga, Strength and Balance are innovative, the calorie burning one is stuff we have all seen before in other “fitness” games but its fun.

Overall Wii Fit is not going to replace a regular workout routine either outside or at the Gym. However it is an excellent place to keep track of your progress and overall fitness.

6 comments on “Does Wii Fit really help your fitness goals?

  1. Hi Logtar.

    First let me congratulate you for your success in such a pandemia as overwight.

    I kinda had some success also thanks to my broken knee. Maybe just because I cannot get to the fridge as easily as usual 😉

    And another hurray for Nintendo team. They managed to open their market to a brand new target thanks to this wii fit and brain trainer style games for Nintendo DS. I mean, selling games to non-gamers! What’s next? selling icecream to the inuit?

    Cool 😉

  2. We go hiking on weekends here when the weather is nice and there’s no question that it’s harder on the knees to go down than up. I want to try the Wii Fit, but it’s not in stock anywhere :(

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