You don’t know how to swim?

If you don’t know who Michael Phelps is you are not watching any Olympic coverage and shame on you. Even if you think China’s leaders should instantaneously combust because Tibet is not free, you cannot deny that the greatest athletes on the planet competing is an amazing thing to watch. I have been catching as much of it as I can, and I witnessed live how one human won 8 gold medals in a single Olympics. Amazing.

I knew that my wife was a tennis player and actually competed before. We had talked about sports quite a bit since we both like to watch sports, but I had never mentioned that I actually swam in high school. I was part of the team and helped with lifeguard duties. I also did some diving, but nothing at any competitive level. It was mostly about fun, doing laps and working out.

A couple of years ago I heard one of my friends mentioning not wanting to get on a boat. At first I thought it was sea sickness, but then he told me he did not know how to swim. It surprised me that an adult did not know how to swim, but then I started to ask and guess what… a lot of people don’t know how to swim.

I have not taken a lifeguard course in a long time, or renewed my first aid training. However, I know I can teach people how to swim. I have a pool where available where the kids section of it is actually a good size. I also have flotation devices, aka love handles, that can keep a couple people afloat. In all seriousness, I think is a very good skill to have.

I want to invite any of you to come and learn how to swim. Let me know who is interested (I know a couple of you mentioned you would do it) and we will work out a date for a little swimming lesson.

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  1. Learning to swim–at least the basics so you could fall into a lake or pool and not drown–is something I think should be ESSENTIAL for everyone.

    And I enjoyed Phelps run at history. Impressive stuff.

    It got me to tune away from football for a few minutes…LOL.

    And one benefit of swimming is that it’s great exercise and it’s low impact on the joints. It can be high impact on the calories, which is good.

  2. Other than people not knowing how to swim at all, a LOT of people I know are not good enough swimmers to get across a pool. As a result they don’t teach their kids at all. Pool (or beach) activity is limited to standing and splashing.

    I began swimming as an exercise a few years back to support a friend who wanted to take scuba but was a poor swimmer. By the end of the summer he took the course and qualified and I found a workout I liked much more than running.

    Or to cut to the chase, I encourage anybody even remotely interested to take Logtar up on the offer. I am mostly sure the speedo thing was a joke. Mostly

  3. John knows me well enough to know it was a joke. My mom couldnt swim, and because of that made sure we all took lessons starting from a young age. She finally took lessons herself when she was aroung 50. She’s not a great swimmer now, but wont drown. It one of those things that if you dont learn as a kid, your embarassed to admit it as an adult, and usually just hide the fact rather than sucking it up, doing something about it.

  4. That is such a nice offer! Luckily, I failed at swimming lessons when I was a kid, so my parents put a swimming pool in the backyard and then I could never get enough of the water. I’d come inside looking like a raisin because of all the hours I spent in the pool. Loved me my pool. Diving for oysters. Handstands. Lounging around on a crocodile inflatable. Ahh, summer…

  5. One of the easyest things I’ve learned was the back stroke. I realized flab floats so I come equip with my own INNERTUBE. @_@ As long as I don’t freek out I just lay there n float indefinatly.

  6. That’s nice of you to offer such a thing — I’m amazed at how many people I’ve met that don’t know how to swim. Fortunately, my mom enrolled us in classes as little kids so I can’t remember a time when I couldn’t swim. It just seems like a basic safety measure that all people should learn.

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