Pachouli is a small East Indian shrubby mint; fragrant oil from its leaves is used in perfumes. In Colombian we use the word Pachuli to describe a perfume that is too strong and not necessarily pleasant. The meaning translation of the term would almost be cheap perfume.

My Grandfather used to work for a chemical company. One of the many things that the company made was perfume. My Grandpa loved wearing cologne, and would sometime experiment with samples he got at work. Once you mix too many of the scents, it ends up smelling the same… like cheap perfume.

My father also loves wearing cologne, and has probably 5 different ones right now. I only have a couple at a time because I do not like to use too much. I don’t buy stuff that is too expensive, and right now for aftershave I use Adidas, it smells good and its only like 14 bucks.

I don’t hear very well and my glasses are once again in need of stronger lenses, but I have a pretty good sense of smell. Its not super power level, but I do associate memories to smell a lot. This morning after shaving the after shave smelled almost like the concoctions my Granpa used to mix. Not in paranormal way, more on a he changed my life so much, I felt he was still here with me.

5 comments on “Pachouli

  1. Pachouli, ew. Never a good smell. Right above that is the old lady who has on too mych perfume.

  2. Ah, patchouli… We smell a lot of that here at the southern tip of the Emerald Triangle. When will hippies learn that simply reeking like dope smells better than that stuff they try to mask it with?

  3. Actually I love the smell..
    it makes me happy when I wear it.
    I use it lightly…
    different strokes for different folks.
    and no…..I don’t smoke the funny stuff or anything else.

    Differences make the world go around.

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