Stand Up Comedian?

I think I am funny… yes, you heard it first, I am delusional. However, people do laugh at what I say, even though it is still up for discussion whether it is with me or at me, people do laugh. Recently I have been picking up the habit of listening to stand up comedy a day. It is something I enjoyed since I was a kid listening to the people that would come to the radio morning shows and Colombian stand up comedians.

I have started to listing to a variety and I find that some of them are not that funny, and even though they are not bombing on their shows, they are not getting that much of a reactions. If those dudes can make it, maybe I can too.

My wife has a pretty good sense of humor, and enjoys mine. It started as an inside jokes that some of our every day life occurrences were going to become part of my stand up. The more I said it as a comeback, them more it started to sound like a possibility. I mentioned it to a couple of friends and they said, do it… go to a local place and give it a try. One even said he will look for me and hold me to do it one of these days.

Without even knowing it, I have been working on material in my head for some time now. And unlike most comedians, I am not afraid of having someone else steal it, or do a version of it. I think that if you get bigger laughs from someone else’s jokes its cool… you do have to make it your own though. So with that thought in mind I present you my first bit.

Do you guys like reality TV?
I used to like it, but now I have realized that reality TV really does not exist. With most shows actually being scripted… I know hard to believe that they actually manipulate people into doing or saying things for money. I actually want to create a Reality TV channel… I know what you are thinking, there already is a Reality TV channel, but the one on right now is not my Reality TV channel.

I will have a show that is a group of friends trying to make it through their 20s, and don’t tell me there is already a show called friends or its most recent clone, how I met your mother, I know, I have seen them and they are not reality. Neither of the shows have a token minority friend, sure they all date minorities to show they are cool, but none of them actually have a friend of a different color… and while we are on the subject, when the being Jewish become a color? I hardly think that not eating a tasty animal like pork puts you on the same level with us “Chicharron” eaters, most Jewish people can keep their last name a secret and still pass for “white.”

Getting back to my real friends show, besides having real multiculturalism in my show, there will be real arguments. Friends will lose friends over money not being paid. Friends will help each other move and destroy and build backyard structures. Friends will forget their wallets when time to pay for dinner will come. When friend date each other the whole group has to break apart and take sides, and the baby mama drama will be real.

My reality TV channel will also have real commercials. None of these commercials that show beaches, flower fields and puppies, I am talking about real life. This is how I would advertise products, come with me.

A kid is trowing a huge tantrum and resists to go to bed, at first you would think I have already seen this in another channel, they are just advertising their Super Nanny show, but just wait. The kid is now running around crying and refusing to go to bed… then suddenly the kid stumbles and passes out… Voice over comes on, Super Drowsy Children Benadryl, because you also deserve a good night of sleep.

Real advertisement, for real life…

So what do you guys think? funny? I have a couple of more things for the bit and it is a work in progress, but give me some feedback.

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  1. The last bit about the screaming kid is hilarious. But without knowing where you’re pausing, it’s hard to really read it. I say just get out there on an open mic night and give it a shot. You have nothing to lose but your own self-respect, and even if you bomb, it’ll make for a great story here. (Not that I think you will.) 😉

  2. John, you are hilarious. But I think this flops. I don’t think you can tell a story to get to your punchline. You’ll use up your 3 minutes for one laugh at the end… maybe.

    What makes you damn funny is that you don’t have to try to be funny. Don’t forget that.

  3. If you want to try stand-up, think about going to some of the open mic shows downtown. Jilly’s used to have them on Wednesday nights — actually, now that I think of it, that may have moved to The Brick. It’s been a while, as you can imagine. Either way, those shows had everything from stand-up to poetry to music. And people tend to be pretty non-judgemental about stuff — good place for practice.

    The other option could going the improv direction. I’m taking classes at Second City this year and loving it. There’s a few improv groups in KC as well that you could look up. It’s a different kind of point of view on humor (hell, on life!) than stand-up comedy, but it’s also a good outlet for your funny.

  4. Agree with Travis, in person you are funny but moreover it’s situational and impromptu. This sample was a flop and as others stated it’s very different on written word vs. speaking which is all about timing, tone, inflection and topic.

  5. Yeah, stand up can’t be judged well on the written material. I let Lilly read it and both of us were just kinda “meh”. But when I did the Benadryl bit out load (haming up the cheesy announcer voice and changing up the cadence) we both got a chuckle going.

    Good comedy does rely on good material. But great presentation lifts even the most marginal material.

  6. I actually have a goal of attending an open mic night at a comedy club.I think ill actually do pretty good with the material i have.I highly suggest that u go for it. Oh and by the way, if u post any good jokes or stories i will steal them and make them a part of my first set

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