Football Pool

You are cordially invited to join the Bloggers Football Poll. We’ve done this for a couple of years and it has been pretty enjoyable. It makes it just a little funner to watch the games.

Join, post about it, link back :) have fun.

If the auto join links don’t work, the info is bellow.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports (Football)
League ID#: 325077
Password: blog

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5 comments on “Football Pool

  1. hrm… I was going to say I am in right away, but then I thought about our money making ratio… it takes me about 3 hours right now to make 100g, it takes you probably 1 hour… lets do 3.1 :) the bet is just that I will be higher than you by the end of the tourney.

  2. I haven’t been “high” in over 3 years so based on that you will win…

    btw…. when the season is over you WILL be 70 and makin hand over fist….

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