Ceasar Salad – Logtar’s version of the Fridays Feast!

Recent events have put Caesar Salad in a different category. I have never heard people talk about it more and in such detail… so I get a meme, you get to do it and piss off Meesha (who seems to still not have had sputnik removed from his behind ) on the process.

1. Without internet searching, does Caesar salad have fish on it?

2. Can you have just a salad as a meal?

3. What is your favorite dressing?

4. When was the last time you admitted you were wrong?

5. Do you remember the last time you climbed a tree?

Do it, post it, because I said so… doing it on the comments counts too… do whatever! Have a nice weekend.

10 comments on “Ceasar Salad – Logtar’s version of the Fridays Feast!

  1. 1. anchovies are in the Worcestershire sauce that makes up the Cesar Dressing. Sometimes more anchovy is added.i found this out the hard way, i am allergic to fish and became ill after eating one.

    2. definitely

    3. ranch

    4. the other day.

    5. i was a child, and i fell out. and i have never climbed a tree again.

    ta da!

  2. 1. FUCK NO!@@@@@!!!!2221111!!!!!
    2. Why…yes….you can…provided you have 4 Bowl Fulls!
    4. Las tnight. In bed.
    5. No.

  3. 1. I’m not a fish lover, so I guess that’s why I never really liked Caesar salads…I had no idea, and that’s really kinda gross.

    2. If you put enough crap in it so you can fill your belly, then yes. And by crap, I mean cheese, tomatoes, and bacon bits from Sam’s Club (Bacos, my friends, is not bacon, and as my friend says, blows goats).

    3. Only recently have I begun using dressing (I usually opt for salt). So I’m tasting…lately oil and vinegar has been good, some little wisp of raspberry vinaigrette in a squirter has been tasty, pumpkinseed oil has been interesting, but I love dipping fries and chicken strips in ranch. Who the hell needs salad?

    4. Today at work when I mistyped something.

    5. No, not the last time, but a time, when I was a kid. We had a great big tree in our front yard and you had to jump a little bit to get to the lowest branch. One time I decided it’d be fun to hug the tree just a little ways up and scream for help…I was really maybe a foot off the ground, but it had its intended effect – laughter from Mom at my silliness.

  4. Wow, I don’t think I have climbed a tree since college. I broke my Mickey Mouse watch because of it, too.

  5. 1. NO
    2. Yes Provided the salad has more then just lettuce and is large
    3. Poppy seed
    4. um, 2 days ago. Had no idea she was in that movie. Damn I hate being wrong on movie trivia.
    5. yes

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