Growing up I remember that what belong to only me was limited to my clothes and toys. I did not have my own bedroom until I was adult and single. Even then I never personalized it.

Bea is a very accommodating person and she is always thinking of me. While out shopping the other day, she waited to get some new artwork until I was there to see it. We like to share our space and make it both of ours.

While neither of us is opposed to having our own bedrooms, I want one for computer stuff and she wants one for her crafts, we also like sharing spaces. Its hard to make a rented place your own starting by not being able to (or being too much of a hassle) paint the walls the color you want.

This has been one of the first times in my life where I truly felt like I have an opinion as to how the space where I live will look like. I actually look forward to being a part of making those decisions when we decide to move to a new place.

I came up with a theory, which Bea does not necessarily shares. I think that having to share your room with others growing up gave me a little more tolerance to having people in my living space. Not in a negative way, but having her own room growing up, I think makes Bea crave alone time and having a place where she can really be by herself.

Did you guys have your own room growing up? What about your spouse? Does my bedroom theory have any legs?

Raiding and motorcycle riding

From WiKiPedia

A raid is a type of mission in a video game, where the objective is to use a very large number of people, relative to a normal team size set by the game, to defeat a boss.

I have spent the last three months plaing WoW (World of Warcraft) and I have to say that it is the most complete game that I have ever played. It has all the elements of the best RPG’s that the Finally Fantasy Series introduced to game, the progression mechanics that make everyone want to keep going and the social and team aspect of your best war shooter. A lot of negative things can be said about the game, about how it could suck your free time dry, but the pay off to me is well worth the time and money I spend into it… it makes my stress go away.

That said, the thing I dislike about the game the most is some of the people that play it. Here is where the motorcycle riding part comes along.

I love motorcycles, but what was coolest of all was getting a group of 20+ people to ride together even if it was just to grab a cup of coffee a town or two away. Riding in a large group is one of the most exciting things because it takes tons of trust for you to ride right next to someone. You need a leader both in the front and the back of the pack. You also need great communication to transmit messages such as “gravel up ahead” by just using non verbal signals.

Bad groups in motorcycle riding cause accidents and potential serious injuries, even death. The same goes for doing a raid in a game. However, in a game you can reset the game and just come back tomorrow, in motorcycle riding might have to remember one night for the rest of your life as the moment when one of your friends lost his ability to walk.

I try to approach everything in life with respect. To me when someone is in a group and does not respect the rules (or does not even know what they are) shows lack of respect. While it is the responsibility of the group to tech such rules, it is also necesary for the person to have the willingness to learn and listen.

I am a level 60 now in the game, and soon I will be moving toward the maximum level which is 70 right now. Now we I have started to participate in groups where roles have to be followed. This week I experienced the two complete opposite experiences in the same raid. I could not help but compare it to my best and worse riding experiences.

The worse ride of my life was not even one where I got into an accident. During that doomed ride we actually had 3 riders go down out of a group of about 12. There was no mayor injuries except for one bike that kind of ended up beyond repair. My day ended when I separated from the group because one of the riders that went down was too shaken up to continue so I chose to just follow him home to make sure he was ok.

Lots went wrong that day and I might some day list everything that happened, but it was doomed because of bad leadership. The last point of this post will tell you why.

The horrible raid this week was not due to bad leadership, it was actually people not listening to the leadership. However the result was the same as that doomed ride. There was no fun, there was a lot of disappointment. An activity that is supposed to make you feel better should not become frustrating.

The best raid I have had so far (besides the ones that Wook uses one of his awesome characters to dominate the game.) was a place where you need 5 people of around my level to go in. We only had 4 and I was the lowest level, everyone else was around mid 60s. It is a hard thing to do (which I found out with a bad group) this instance without a healer. The computer monsters hit pretty hard and with a bad group you end up dead a lot. However, with this group of other 3 people and no healer we were able to clear the whole place and never had a total wipe.

The best ride of my life was a charity ride with CLSB. Riding with them is one of the things I miss the most. That day we had 40+ riders and had to go quite a ways. However we had no issues. Even stopped traffic in some places without a police escort to keep the whole group together. It was a nice thing to have that many people ride together such a long distance and keep a nice pace the whole time.

What I have learned from motorcycle riding groups is that pace is the most important thing. Your leader has to set a pace and the group most follow. Great leaders will always set a pace that the most inexperienced rider can follow safely. In the game it is the same thing, a pace needs to be set and it is the responsibility of the players to follow.

The moment you start going to fast and not checking to make sure others around you are doing with the pace, the experience stops being fun and it starts getting dangerous.

Will an eskimo really buy ice cubes?

Mafe posted another conversation between the sexes, which by the way are always hilarious (YAY! for Colombians being funny)… which I will translate here…

XY: Listen, are you scared of insects?
XX: … it depends on the insect, why?
XY: I just wanted to know if you can help me kill that huge bug that is on the wall…
XX: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! < - needed no translation ---- XY: Get down from on top of the table! XX: NO! XY: You could fall... XX: NO! XY: Just hand me the broom, I will kill it. XX: NO! XY: Why not?!?! XX: We don't have one!... bug if you want, behind the door is the Swiffer. XY: .....

I found it funny, but it got me thinking… when did the Swiffer (broom 2.0 wannabe) completely replace the original version?

I like old school brooms, the ones that look like a witch could actually ride, but I am not opposed to the new plastic bristle ones either. I have tried the Swiffer before when I had hardwood floors and found it just simply a waste of money and the introduction of yet another chemical in the house. You have to buy refills which by the way are expensive.

Lets see, the Swiffer WetJet starter kit is $19.54, the refills are $11.32. Now a broom, even the “fancy ones” are just $9.95 and it does not require refills. If you even want to get fancy and wash the floor, a bottle of Fabuloso (a lavander multipurpose cleaner that I like) is only $2.99. The swiffer I bought in the past broke in less than a year, and one of the refills did not clean a whole room… I think it used like 2 per room.

I have no idea what happened to make cleaning such a difficult thing. It seems like in the 90s bacteria became our number one enemy and it had to be eradicated. Germs, those evil little devils, started to invade us more so than ever before and the cleaning supply companies came to our rescue.

I am actually allergic to something they added to dish soap, I guess what kills germs also may potentially kill me. I also now have about 10 different products under the sink that serve all kids of different purposes. I remember when I used to clean as a kid there was a cleaner that smelled good (Pinesol, Fabuloso) and bleach. That was it… maybe once a year my Mom would pull out the wood cleaner at the beginning of summer vacation and made me clean the wood tables in the house with it, but that was about it.

Now we don’t even need to scrub things, there are scrubbing bubbles for that. We also want to kill not all germs, but 99.9% of them. Funny thing is that now cleaners also come with bleach… what happened to just using bleach… I am pretty sure that bleach kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. So, have you swallowed the cool aid and buy way too many different kinds of cleaners and Swiffers or do you keep it old school?

Elevetor fun

I have only worked in a building with an elevator once before. It was a tall building, so there was no question about taking the elevator to the 29th floor. The building where I work at now has 4 floors and even though we are on the top, I could take the stairs no problem. Surprisingly, I have gone down the stairs more than I have taken them up.

Since being here there have been more than one elevator incident. From the construction crew dropping a container of industrial glue (probably a couple of gallons) to the elevators doors getting stuck in our floor. A little troubling was to see the repair dude not working on the doors, but on the second elevator when I saw him the next day.

I could take the stairs up, it would be great exercise, but I do not like to take the extra time that it will take me to do it or the possibility of sweating. Yes, I can probably sweat just by someone else looking at me for too long. I have however taken to parking in the far end of the parking lot for both shade and exercise.

I am a little claustrophobic. Not too much in man made structures, but a place like a cave makes me sweat just thinking about the walls collapsing, so I try have fun in elevators. I like making people a little weirded out by giving my back to the door. For some reason the rule is to face the door. I am not sure what about it bothers people, but it makes them uncomfortable, almost like I am about to trap them.

I had a couple of awkward moments in the elevator already. I do not mind the small talk there as much as I do in the public restroom. However, some people do not even make eye contact and treat the less than minute ride as an test of their powers to ignore other humans. If they could only exercise this skill in other places.

Today came the best interaction I had in an elevator. The lady who was waiting as I walked into the building to into the elevator and made no motion of holding it for me. I did not ask her to hold it, so I was not expecting it… but when I got closer she poked her head out and said, are you coming? little creepy.

When I walked in she asked where are you going, and I said fourth. “Thank God, I thought you were going to say Two.” At first, I thought that she was referring to people using proper language when asking for a button to be pushed as in second floor instead of two. That was not what she was taking about. She then started to ramble about how she cannot believe people that use the elevator to go to just the second floor (she was going to the third.)

Friday Feast Returns

When was the last time you had your hair cut/trimmed?
I think it has been a month, I have to do it soon, its kind of a mess right now.

Name one thing you miss about being a child.
Summers, being able to wake up to just go play soccer on the street every day.

Pick one: butter, margarine, olive oil.
Olive oil, I like it a lot with crushed pepper as a dipping sause, or as chimichurri.

Main Course
If you could learn another language, which one would you pick, and why?
Well, I love languages and want to learn like 3 more at list. French is next on the list to learn, but also on the list is Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Finish this sentence: In 5 years I expect to be…
In vacation for 3 weeks straight!