Colombian restaurant again

Having blogger friends is awesome, Toast gave me a little information @ last weeks meet up that has made Kansas City my favorite city again, El Rincon Colombian its still Colombian owned.

When Bea and I had the shock of being greeted by “Banda” when we entered the Colombian restaurant in our last visit there, I was devastated. I have nothing against Mexican brass music, I even like some of it and will dance to it… but it is like walking into your favorite piano bar and being faced with a dude playing the banjo.

A lot of the traditional Colombian plates require either a deep fryer or long preparation. While I have made some of those dishes from scratch before, it becomes a game of picking which ones you have time to do.

Back in Chicago my Mom gets together with my sister and they make awesome Empanadas, but they take them hours of preparations to do. The only thing Bea and I get to do at home in a regular basis is Arepas, which we got Mike addicted to during his visit here.

Having a place where I can go and satisfy a craving for comfort food from my country is important. One of the many reasons why living in Michigan sucked so much was the lack of good restaurants, specially not a Colombian one unless you drove all the way to Chicago.

Think about living in a country, I know Melinda can probably relate, and craving good old KC BBQ and baked beans, or even just a plain old thick cheeseburger with fries. Just the cornbread made here in the US is completely different than anywhere in the world. Think of not being able to be reduced to craving Dominos pizza because it is the only thing available overseas that is even close to what you are used to savoring when you think pizza.

I am happy to inform you all the the owner is back from being out of town. It is a new owner, but he is Colombian and was out of the country getting married. He apologized for my experience when I went to visit my favorites spot on the west side, and assured me that he will take care of us if we go back as a blogger group again. Wookie does not know it, but he will be dragged out there soon, and I know Average Jane is ready for a trip back, we need to set that up… but just let me know when you are ready to get your Colombia fix.


  1. That’s great Logtar! I am far enough removed from my ancestors countries of origin that I don’t have a connection to their food. I do however recognize the importance of comfort food (as long as I don’t gorge myself).

    I kinda thought Wook might have made the last blogger bash, but there is always August!

  2. Yep, Hamby King was a bit of a let down. When I bit into my what-looked-like-Culver’s burger, I realized I was chewing cud.

    Well, practically – getting a mouthful of cabbage when expecting a mouthful of meat is the same as chewing cud.

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