I am not handing over my man card

I know my man card holding status is under question at the moment. It all started when I went to see the Sex and the City movie with the wife, and I totally think it is unfair to be judged this harshly by my peers. That movie was good, the series was pretty good and I feel like that one was not a painful thing to watch.

The only valid argument anyone has, its actually totally not my fault. Appearently taking my friend that was in town to the WWI liberty memorial flagged me as a frequenter of gay hangouts. In my defense, I did not know… aren’t your “boys” supposed to let you know before you step into these landmines? Also, I have no problem visiting a place with a phallic symbol right in the middle. I am totally secure in my sexuality and it is not like we went there in the middle of the night.

The latest argument, which does not have complete merit but I almost agree with is taking my wife to see Mama Mia. I am sorry but I grew up listening to ABBA and knew almost all the freaking songs, sad but it was a group that made it around the world with Chiquitita. So when she expressed interest, I said why not… better that one than another musical that I did not know any songs from.

The movie had funny parts, you could laugh out loud to. However, Pierce Brosnan cannot sing and it is almost painful to try to watch him do it. They recreated perfectly the scene in the club when a guy is using lines that will not work to the wrong girls… you watch and want to laugh, but you feel sorry. The other problem with the movie was that Meryl Streep was letting it all hang out and I have not reach the status Banky and XO have reached as cougar hunters, so my brain had an IO error trying to process that information.

Wookie made a great point in twitter

for every ONE chick flick you must see +3 Man Flicks (no homo) but you need to add +5 if it’s a Musical. “Grease” doesn’t count.

So no, I am not giving up my man card! I enjoy taking my wife to the movies even if it means catching a chick flick here and there… I say you can put my card under review, but not revoke it just yet.

13 comments on “I am not handing over my man card

  1. Did you go to Missy B’s for ‘tinis after?

    At least you are doin it for Bea. I’d only subtract half points for a guy so in love with his wife.

  2. The Liberty Memorial is not the gay hang out. Penn Vally park is the gay hang out. The Liberty Memorial is inside Penn Vally Park.

  3. For what it’s worth, I don’t think being and ABBA fan makes you less of a man, just nostalgic.

    Now, if you had gone to a Maroon 5 musical, then we would have a problem.

  4. I like ABBA.

    For about 5 minutes. I can only take that much of them before I have flashbacks of me staring at chicks wearing Sergio Valente/ CHIC/Glorias and LEE jeans, combing my feathered hair with my back pocket comb while roller skating at SKATELAND……..

    Speaking of Gay………one cannot ever associate GAY with the musical/movies : James and the Giant Peach or Nightmare Before Christmas


  5. Wookie, you sure do remember a lot about the wardrobes of women……..

    Let’s just say that we chicks do appreciate it when a man goes with us to certain things. Although we could go by ourselves, or with our girls, it’s nice to go with a guy because he’s secure in his manhood.

    But that doesn’t mean I want Wiley shopping with me. I’ll do that solo.

  6. @Melinda

    Course I do. From Kindergarten up to 8th grade I was an @ssman. Not sure of your age but the 70’s and 80’s was a time of women wearing ULTRA TIGHT jeans….I mean SUPER ULTRA NEEDS LUBE-To-PUT ON Jeans tight……

  7. First of all, I love Sex and the City. Do you want ideas on how to make a woman attracted to you? Watch how Big interacts with Carrie. Want to laugh your ass off at the oddest couple in sitcom history? Look at Harry and Charlotte. Is there any doubt that a woman’s sex drive is any different from a man’s? Look at Samantha.

    The only bullshit relationship in that whole series is Steve and Miranda. That could only exist on TV.

    Sex and the City is educational is hell. You just gotta pay attention.

  8. I think the fact that you enjoy these things show you are in touch with your femine side and that is probably one of the many things that makes you attractive to Bea.

    Now if you’d been camping out for tickets to Mama Mia or suggested seeing it over, say, Dark Knight, then we’d have to have the man card committee hold a special meeting…

  9. Dude, you are a homo. Just admit it. Anyway, I know you have been wanting a piece of my tight white ass for years now…

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