H4X0R again

I never really became a hacker, I used to hang out with some people in college that knew how to get around some places but were mostly not really dangerous or malicious. However, recently I have been wanting to just start all over again and just take down sites… which ones, the ones that take over my browser.

One of the most annoying things that a website can do is resize my window. I know I can prevent it, I know its not the end of the world, but I dislike it more than being bombarded with adds or music.

I am not sure why they are lazy enough to not do something that works with all resolutions, but even if they do want to do that then launch another browser window. Why resize my current browser window and make me to through extra clicks just to get my interface back to normal?

Most websites are designed to transmit some kind of message, and the ones that are advertising or selling a product are the biggest offenders. Why would I ever want to buy a product from a company that is already making decisions for me on how to set my home computer resolution?

So what are some of your web annoyances?

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  1. Yeah, the resizing window thing bugs the crap out of me too. The other thing I hate is searching for something, finding a link that APPEARS to be what you are looking for and when you click on it, there is nothing resembling what you searched for there or you end up going to a page of LINKS. Lame.

  2. Lesse I hate child windows without a menu bar. I am bugged by pop-ups and pop-overs. Music that you can’t mute annoys me.

    Oh, and I have broadband. Any site that takes more than a minute to load is poorly designed. If it sells a product or service I immediately have my doubts if the site is full of good advertising and bad links.

  3. I REALLY don’t like it when my co-worker hides PHP redirects into project code that takes me to meatspin.com (don’t go there… i’m warning you…)

    Luckily he’s also a friend, so I know it’s all in good fun… but honestly now…

  4. What I’ve had to do is edit my browser settings to block certain domains and also update my hosts file to redirect me elsewhere.

    The problem is, much like Rickrolling, there are many different versions of Meatspin on countless domains. Way too many to block with a general setting.

  5. Mine are the same as yours plus… autoplay music and autoplay ads. JEEZE, I just want to scream: “shut up already oh my word!”

    Hi Logtar, Hi! :)

  6. Shake that bear? Anyhow, something that’s been grating on me for a while it folks’ willingness to try to help Google farm my browsing habits by slapping Adsense stuff all over the place. Microsoft is evil and all, but at least they aren’t trying to figure out what kind of prons I trawl for on my off-hours.

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