Growing up I remember that what belong to only me was limited to my clothes and toys. I did not have my own bedroom until I was adult and single. Even then I never personalized it.

Bea is a very accommodating person and she is always thinking of me. While out shopping the other day, she waited to get some new artwork until I was there to see it. We like to share our space and make it both of ours.

While neither of us is opposed to having our own bedrooms, I want one for computer stuff and she wants one for her crafts, we also like sharing spaces. Its hard to make a rented place your own starting by not being able to (or being too much of a hassle) paint the walls the color you want.

This has been one of the first times in my life where I truly felt like I have an opinion as to how the space where I live will look like. I actually look forward to being a part of making those decisions when we decide to move to a new place.

I came up with a theory, which Bea does not necessarily shares. I think that having to share your room with others growing up gave me a little more tolerance to having people in my living space. Not in a negative way, but having her own room growing up, I think makes Bea crave alone time and having a place where she can really be by herself.

Did you guys have your own room growing up? What about your spouse? Does my bedroom theory have any legs?

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  1. Well, I shared a room with my brother until I was off to college. Bunk beds when we were really young and then we “moved up” to the beds separated. Now that I’m married I really don’t care about how my wife decorates the house. She has that flair, I do not. Is this a product of the way I grew up? Perhaps, but I never really cared how my room looked growing up either. Product of my personality I think. Some things I find important enough to voice an opinion on, most other stuff…….meh. =)

  2. I wouldn’t know as I’ve always had my own room. I don’t know if the theory you have has legs….it’s kinda gray. Come up with more interesting theories….like;

    why there is braille at some ATMS.

    why does it take more than 1 min. to order anything from McDonalds

    why is Kansas City Professional Sports relegated to being Farm Leagues

    maybe a theory about the lost socks

    but ya…your bedroom thing? Excuse me while I generalize..EVERYONE wants their own space and/or room. Tolerance schmolerance, if you can’t stand your spouse then somethings wrong. Beas ‘craving’ isn’t craving, it’s her wanting to be herself…the division you mention is all in your head.


    Now get to 70 bitch!

  3. I think your theory has some valid points. I know when I was a kid, I could always go to my room and shut the door to be alone for hours at a time, if I wanted. I don’t really get that alone time anymore as an adult. I think people who grew up accustomed to that actually need that alone time to cope with the stresses of life. At least, that is my theory.

  4. its so funny that this is your post today.

    i am having back and forth anxiety over the possible sharing of space.

    will be posting later i think. maybe. i dunno!

  5. I shared a room with my sister until she left, so there were three or four years that I remember with her – some fun years, some not, and after that, I liked my sanctuary away from my parents. Now, with Wiley, we make decisions together. I don’t begrudge him his cave that he wants, but to me, it seems like it’s a space he can run to because the rest of the house is too “chickish”, and there are flowers and toile all over the place. Hence the making decorating decisions together, though I draw the line at any animal’s head on a wall.

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