Will an eskimo really buy ice cubes?

Mafe posted another conversation between the sexes, which by the way are always hilarious (YAY! for Colombians being funny)… which I will translate here…

XY: Listen, are you scared of insects?
XX: … it depends on the insect, why?
XY: I just wanted to know if you can help me kill that huge bug that is on the wall…
XX: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! < - needed no translation ---- XY: Get down from on top of the table! XX: NO! XY: You could fall... XX: NO! XY: Just hand me the broom, I will kill it. XX: NO! XY: Why not?!?! XX: We don't have one!... bug if you want, behind the door is the Swiffer. XY: .....

I found it funny, but it got me thinking… when did the Swiffer (broom 2.0 wannabe) completely replace the original version?

I like old school brooms, the ones that look like a witch could actually ride, but I am not opposed to the new plastic bristle ones either. I have tried the Swiffer before when I had hardwood floors and found it just simply a waste of money and the introduction of yet another chemical in the house. You have to buy refills which by the way are expensive.

Lets see, the Swiffer WetJet starter kit is $19.54, the refills are $11.32. Now a broom, even the “fancy ones” are just $9.95 and it does not require refills. If you even want to get fancy and wash the floor, a bottle of Fabuloso (a lavander multipurpose cleaner that I like) is only $2.99. The swiffer I bought in the past broke in less than a year, and one of the refills did not clean a whole room… I think it used like 2 per room.

I have no idea what happened to make cleaning such a difficult thing. It seems like in the 90s bacteria became our number one enemy and it had to be eradicated. Germs, those evil little devils, started to invade us more so than ever before and the cleaning supply companies came to our rescue.

I am actually allergic to something they added to dish soap, I guess what kills germs also may potentially kill me. I also now have about 10 different products under the sink that serve all kids of different purposes. I remember when I used to clean as a kid there was a cleaner that smelled good (Pinesol, Fabuloso) and bleach. That was it… maybe once a year my Mom would pull out the wood cleaner at the beginning of summer vacation and made me clean the wood tables in the house with it, but that was about it.

Now we don’t even need to scrub things, there are scrubbing bubbles for that. We also want to kill not all germs, but 99.9% of them. Funny thing is that now cleaners also come with bleach… what happened to just using bleach… I am pretty sure that bleach kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. So, have you swallowed the cool aid and buy way too many different kinds of cleaners and Swiffers or do you keep it old school?

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  1. Keli uses a swiffer all the damn time, but after she sweeps first.

    Personally, I freaking hate swiffers since they don’t actually seem to pick up hair or dirt but instead scoot it around the floor, so that I end up having to use some cleaning spray and paper towels anyways.

  2. you are right about swiffers and bacteria killing WMD’s, I actually bought a regular old style mop and enjoyed using it for a change

  3. We’ve got a swiffer, but mostly it serves as a toddler toy (we removed one of the tubes that makes up its handle). As for chemicals, my wife likes the Mop n Glo for floor cleanup, while I prefer ammonia. The old-timey stuff doesn’t leave the floor quite so shiny, but it seems a lot cleaner. Maybe it’s just the fumes getting to my head…

  4. @Daniel: no, but I never seem to run out of ammonia, either. I think I got a gallon of it five years ago.

    @Travis: those are the ├╝bergerms that will one day rise up and overthrow us all. Run while you can, but they’ll get you eventually!

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