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I have only worked in a building with an elevator once before. It was a tall building, so there was no question about taking the elevator to the 29th floor. The building where I work at now has 4 floors and even though we are on the top, I could take the stairs no problem. Surprisingly, I have gone down the stairs more than I have taken them up.

Since being here there have been more than one elevator incident. From the construction crew dropping a container of industrial glue (probably a couple of gallons) to the elevators doors getting stuck in our floor. A little troubling was to see the repair dude not working on the doors, but on the second elevator when I saw him the next day.

I could take the stairs up, it would be great exercise, but I do not like to take the extra time that it will take me to do it or the possibility of sweating. Yes, I can probably sweat just by someone else looking at me for too long. I have however taken to parking in the far end of the parking lot for both shade and exercise.

I am a little claustrophobic. Not too much in man made structures, but a place like a cave makes me sweat just thinking about the walls collapsing, so I try have fun in elevators. I like making people a little weirded out by giving my back to the door. For some reason the rule is to face the door. I am not sure what about it bothers people, but it makes them uncomfortable, almost like I am about to trap them.

I had a couple of awkward moments in the elevator already. I do not mind the small talk there as much as I do in the public restroom. However, some people do not even make eye contact and treat the less than minute ride as an test of their powers to ignore other humans. If they could only exercise this skill in other places.

Today came the best interaction I had in an elevator. The lady who was waiting as I walked into the building to into the elevator and made no motion of holding it for me. I did not ask her to hold it, so I was not expecting it… but when I got closer she poked her head out and said, are you coming? little creepy.

When I walked in she asked where are you going, and I said fourth. “Thank God, I thought you were going to say Two.” At first, I thought that she was referring to people using proper language when asking for a button to be pushed as in second floor instead of two. That was not what she was taking about. She then started to ramble about how she cannot believe people that use the elevator to go to just the second floor (she was going to the third.)

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  1. I bet she was referring to people that take an elevator up or down one floor. In my opinion those kind of people are the WORST!

    I put them in the same group as child molesters and devil worshipers.

    Take the stairs when you have time. It’s great exercise! It helped me lose 85 lbs!

  2. What’s wrong with sweating? It’s natures way of telling others your not afraid of hard work and it keep the girls at bay so they don’t nag ya. ^_^

  3. creepy for holding a door for you? i bet if she didn’t you would call her a bish for being inconsiderate. i was going to mention the whole why don’t you use the stairs but after walking half a mile to your car for lunch i got lazy and forgot about it.

    One thing I Do NOT recommend is going down the flight of stairs like that as the effect it has on your knees/joints is 20X worse than going up.

    I wish there was a huge inflatable slide we can use to get to the ground floor vs. an elevator. (Jack Handey inspiration) A Big Blue one with a pool of cotton candy at the bottom of it….

    *Salsa Dances*

  4. We have a 3 story building, 4 if you count the half underground parking area. As you cannot take stairs up from the garage, I always ride.

    Once inside tho, I play it by ear. If my knees and heart are good I go up 1 or down 2 floors as needed. I have tried up 2, and that still winds me. A person in good shape tho, will always beat the elevator from the lobby to 3.

    As for etiquette if I know the person I always say hello. If I don’t, but they make Ieye contact I nod or say Hi. Otherwise unless somebody has reason to strike up a conversation I am content to ride quietly.

  5. If you sweat or are out of breath going up three flights of stairs, you need to take the stairs.

    I work in a three story building. I think the elevator should be reserved for the elderly and handicapped, but I’d guess about 75% of the people use it.

  6. In my building stair doors are locked on the 1st floor for security reasons. You can use stairs on floors 2-13. Our sensitivity training specifically refers to the “elevator eyes” – a big no-no.

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