My Next Tattoo

So I have been itching to get a new tattoo, and it has been a very difficult experience so far.

The last time I got a tat was in Chicago. Both of the shops that I got work done at were very accommodating. Even Jade Dragon which is one of the busiest shops that I have ever been to took care of me the day I came in. That was eight years ago when tattoos were a little less main stream. While some people might disagree with the last statement, I make it because know we have reality TV tattoo shows… and not just one, but several.

While in Michigan I visited a couple of shops, but I did not get a good vibe from either. One of the artists was very talented, I guess the itch was not intense enough back then. A tattoo is something so permanent that you have to trust that your vision and the artist’s talent do match.

I did not expect to walk into a shop here and get a tattoo, I don’t want something that simple. I also know that price has to be figured out once the details of the piece are decided. This is not my first tattoo, but every shop I walk into treats me like a number. I never got a corporate feel from a tattoo shop before, but I am getting that feeling more and more from the shops that I have visited in this city.

I was able to get the name of a couple of artists and I have not had a chance to meet them yet, and maybe that will be my “in.” I almost feel like a weekend warrior on the land of ink. Did everyone getting tats mean that now we are going to have MacTattoo Parlors?

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  1. I have mine drawn (have for about 4 years), but have yet to get it. Big one – across my shoulders. Gonna be expensive.

  2. Chris at Mercy Seat Tattoo did all of Greg’s tattoos, and he’s a really cool guy. Also Whispering Danny at Exile Tattoo is a great guy who has done lots of custom work on people I know.

  3. I hear you, I get the itch every so often but not enough to just go with something on the wall. I want to get something that I REALLY want.

    There are (or were) a couple kids at Freaks on Noland that I really liked. A guy and a gal, who both put in research on costume jobs before they would do them, and were not afraid to tell a customer when something just wouldn’t work. My recomendation would be Jessie ( but looks like she is at Exile now. Just stay away from the shop Mgr Chris at FoN, as I have seen him plow thru clients just to shoehorn as many in as possible.

  4. i’ve been itching since i got the last one, 3 years ago. my first 3 were at Jade. One didn’t really make it. the next thing i get will prolly cover that up. i have found a great place within walking distance to my house. I wish i could send them to you.

    save it for your next trip to Chicago!

  5. No, it just means that people will be more exotic for not having one. What? You don’t have any tattoos? Weird! Hey Jimmy, this guy over here is a clean as the day he was born. Holy crap!!!

  6. I had this cool zelda triforce tat on the back of my left hand when I was a kid..
    Came in my Nintendo Power magazine… but unfortunaly it washed off. -_-

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