Imagine that the crazy Michigan Militia was not just the bunch of nutbags that produced Timothy McVeigh, but an organized guerrilla group that had taken control over the whole state of Michigan.

Then imagine that a presidential hopeful, and even though I want to use Hilary but I do not find her as eloquent or as loved as maybe Obama is, is kidnapped for 7 years. Then imagine the U.S. military rescuing the presidential candidate along with 14 other people that had been kidnapped without firing a single shot. That is what happened yesterday in Colombia. No big Hollywood production with a Rambo mowing over rebels left and right, just a well planned operation were everyone left alive.

Que Viva Colombia, Que viva la Libertad!

11 comments on “FREEDOM

  1. WOOOT, great story, does sound like a movie! Ironic too in that tomorrow is Freedom Day! =D

    btw, your assertion Tim McVeigh was a product of/with the Michigan Militia is incorrect sir. =D

  2. i totally thought of you when I saw the news. and it was wonderful news. it IS wonderful news.

  3. I make the connection because he attended meetings and they were connected. Plus you were supposed to use your imagination just to illustrate how bad it is… the OK bombing is something that happens in America about once a decade, in Colombia, someone gets kidnapped or murdered once a month thanks to those douche bags.

  4. Good job putting the story in perspective. Like Nuke, I saw the headlines but failed to understand the significance. Great job, Columbia!

  5. When I heard about this rescue, I had a vivid image in my head of some FARC guy in camouflage fatigues twirling his mustache and muttering “Drat! If it weren’t for those meddling kids…” I don’t know if there’s a Colombian analog for that.

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