Colombian restaurant again

Having blogger friends is awesome, Toast gave me a little information @ last weeks meet up that has made Kansas City my favorite city again, El Rincon Colombian its still Colombian owned.

When Bea and I had the shock of being greeted by “Banda” when we entered the Colombian restaurant in our last visit there, I was devastated. I have nothing against Mexican brass music, I even like some of it and will dance to it… but it is like walking into your favorite piano bar and being faced with a dude playing the banjo.

A lot of the traditional Colombian plates require either a deep fryer or long preparation. While I have made some of those dishes from scratch before, it becomes a game of picking which ones you have time to do.

Back in Chicago my Mom gets together with my sister and they make awesome Empanadas, but they take them hours of preparations to do. The only thing Bea and I get to do at home in a regular basis is Arepas, which we got Mike addicted to during his visit here.

Having a place where I can go and satisfy a craving for comfort food from my country is important. One of the many reasons why living in Michigan sucked so much was the lack of good restaurants, specially not a Colombian one unless you drove all the way to Chicago.

Think about living in a country, I know Melinda can probably relate, and craving good old KC BBQ and baked beans, or even just a plain old thick cheeseburger with fries. Just the cornbread made here in the US is completely different than anywhere in the world. Think of not being able to be reduced to craving Dominos pizza because it is the only thing available overseas that is even close to what you are used to savoring when you think pizza.

I am happy to inform you all the the owner is back from being out of town. It is a new owner, but he is Colombian and was out of the country getting married. He apologized for my experience when I went to visit my favorites spot on the west side, and assured me that he will take care of us if we go back as a blogger group again. Wookie does not know it, but he will be dragged out there soon, and I know Average Jane is ready for a trip back, we need to set that up… but just let me know when you are ready to get your Colombia fix.

I am not handing over my man card

I know my man card holding status is under question at the moment. It all started when I went to see the Sex and the City movie with the wife, and I totally think it is unfair to be judged this harshly by my peers. That movie was good, the series was pretty good and I feel like that one was not a painful thing to watch.

The only valid argument anyone has, its actually totally not my fault. Appearently taking my friend that was in town to the WWI liberty memorial flagged me as a frequenter of gay hangouts. In my defense, I did not know… aren’t your “boys” supposed to let you know before you step into these landmines? Also, I have no problem visiting a place with a phallic symbol right in the middle. I am totally secure in my sexuality and it is not like we went there in the middle of the night.

The latest argument, which does not have complete merit but I almost agree with is taking my wife to see Mama Mia. I am sorry but I grew up listening to ABBA and knew almost all the freaking songs, sad but it was a group that made it around the world with Chiquitita. So when she expressed interest, I said why not… better that one than another musical that I did not know any songs from.

The movie had funny parts, you could laugh out loud to. However, Pierce Brosnan cannot sing and it is almost painful to try to watch him do it. They recreated perfectly the scene in the club when a guy is using lines that will not work to the wrong girls… you watch and want to laugh, but you feel sorry. The other problem with the movie was that Meryl Streep was letting it all hang out and I have not reach the status Banky and XO have reached as cougar hunters, so my brain had an IO error trying to process that information.

Wookie made a great point in twitter

for every ONE chick flick you must see +3 Man Flicks (no homo) but you need to add +5 if it’s a Musical. “Grease” doesn’t count.

So no, I am not giving up my man card! I enjoy taking my wife to the movies even if it means catching a chick flick here and there… I say you can put my card under review, but not revoke it just yet.

H4X0R again

I never really became a hacker, I used to hang out with some people in college that knew how to get around some places but were mostly not really dangerous or malicious. However, recently I have been wanting to just start all over again and just take down sites… which ones, the ones that take over my browser.

One of the most annoying things that a website can do is resize my window. I know I can prevent it, I know its not the end of the world, but I dislike it more than being bombarded with adds or music.

I am not sure why they are lazy enough to not do something that works with all resolutions, but even if they do want to do that then launch another browser window. Why resize my current browser window and make me to through extra clicks just to get my interface back to normal?

Most websites are designed to transmit some kind of message, and the ones that are advertising or selling a product are the biggest offenders. Why would I ever want to buy a product from a company that is already making decisions for me on how to set my home computer resolution?

So what are some of your web annoyances?

Stats Whore

Blog's Stats

Should you be impressed by those numbers? I think not. I feel that 90% of them are spiders crawling the web. I really don’t think that stats mean much, at least not to me because I don’t try to make money of my blog (even though I do use google adsense and amazon links sometimes) and I do this blogging for totally selfish reasons. Sure it has been kind of cool to have a higher google page rank than most of my employers, but in reality it does not do all that much for me.

I have talked about the subject of why I blog before, but it boils down to two reasons.

Blogging is way better than therapy and I use it to practice my writing in English.

Recently Faith wrote a pretty good post, fueled partly by XO asking why any of us bothers. While the nicest side effect of the blogging world has been the friends I have made, one actually staying with us this weekend, I bother because in the back of my head I think I am doing something good. I hope I am sparking some people to look at a different point of view that their own.

When I started blogging I had no clue that it would actually get as many visits as it started to get. I think by my second year blogging I had become a total stats whore. I would go to other sites just fishing for more readers. Then life kind of made blogging take a different direction and it became my only outlet. I forgot about stats completely, I did not think anyone would care for vague posts that talked about almost nothing.

Moving to KC changed all of that. I had the chance to begin a new life and a lot of changes came about. Blogging was once again as fun as it used to be when I started. However, I never picked up the whole stats whore ways. I really don’t have the time, I barely get posts in when I want to… and have way too many (57 to be exact) half written and saved for another day.

If you want to be impressed by stats check out TKC. While Faith even put it simply as posting half naked woman and news links will get you there, I disagree. Even though I DO NOT share his views on many topics and he has ticked me off more than a couple of times with his borderline personal attacks (alas never on me) I do give him the credit that his writing style and good sources is what put him on the top of list of most visited sites in Kansas City. Anyone that is a stats whore would be jealous of the numbers of hits he gets. I just want to get to meet him some day, hopefully at one of our meet ups… I think Chimpo and I can do crowd control if things get out of hand. We almost thought he had shown up unannounced to our last meet up, but it was just a shy Mexican dude that sat at the bar.

Big Couple

Ever since I stopped being reading buddy I have missed it. I love my job and the rewards of a new feature that its released and makes the job easier for our workers or saves the company money, however it is nothing compared to a kid saying thanks you made it fun to read. I still have the hand drawn cards from the kids I help and I am very proud of having been a part of the program.

Last fourth of July I had the opportunity to be a part of a bowling team to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas city. Btw, thanks again for all of your generous donations. I have been thinking of Volunteering for this program since I learned about it on TV years ago. So I asked my wife and she was all for it. Since we both work and wanted to make sure we were making the right commitment we decided to become a Big Couple.

We met the director of the program during summer bowl and started the process right away. Last night was our home visit by one of the counselors. We had been filling out forms and giving references for a little while now, but yesterday made it feel real for me. The questionnaire and home visit really made me understand a little better what kind of commitment we are about to make. We both love the thought that we might be able to change a child’s life for the better.

I feel very good about what we are doing because we have such a team behind us. The counselor and everyone we have met from that organization has been very friendly with us. I am sure they make everyone feel this way, but they just keep on saying how perfect we are for the program and how much we can help.

We are not sure how soon we will be matched up with a little, but we are hoping soon. We cannot wait to be able to mentor and connect with a child. Being a volunteer is so rewarding that I crave it from the moment I stopped doing it a couple of years ago.