Weekend Recap

We did nothing on Saturday and it felt good… relaxing… even vacation like. Well I did do some stuff in the WoW world, but besides leaving the house to get some food we did nothing Saturday.

Sunday we did Dim Sum with some of the usual suspects from the blogsphere, Eric, Michelle, Nuke and the organizer Toast. I had never been to Dim Sum and I am not even sure why… it was a great experience that will have to be repeated again soon.

We also went to see Wall.e and had a good time watching it… beside that, I am getting my brain ready for the work week… what did you guys do?

9 comments on “Weekend Recap

  1. You know what? I realized a problem with Dim Sum… not enough dipping!

    Many of the dishes were bite size, and we had hot mustard and another sauce on the table, but everything was tasty as is. But I am a dipper dagnabit! I am even the barbarian who sometimes mixes his wasabi with soy so I can dunk rather than put it on each individual piece. And don’t get me started on the glory of chicken in nugget form!

  2. I actually ended up plowing my father in law’s field. It was quite the experience for me since I haven’t really driven a big tractor like that before! It was fun.

  3. We saw Walle too and enjoyed it and then also saw two other movies on the other days (we are behind). It was so hot here that we stayed in the cool shade.

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