No Fridays Feast Today

Not because there is not one posted, but because it is weak…

I used to follow another meme back in the day, like 2 years ago, called the Wednesday Mind Hump founded by my friend Fridays Child. With their meme they helped spark the idea of Mood Panties. I even helped write some of the questions at one point… this week their questions are way better so, no Friday Feast, welcome to the late Wednesday Mind Hump.

Wednesday Mind Hump

Hello humpers! Sadly, George Carlin died this week. I think a good way to honor him would be to discuss comedians.

1. Who is your favorite comedian (stand-up or otherwise)?
It has to be Eddie Izzard, because of his smart comedy. That and the Riches.

2. What is your favorite comedy movie?
It used to be There is Something about Mary… but there has been some good ones from the 40 year old virgin crew… I cannot decide which one just yet.

3. Which comedian do you just not get?
Not sure, I actually appreciate most comedians, it takes huge cojones to get up there.

4. If you were a fan of George Carlin, what was your favorite bit he did?
Oh, I could not pick a favorite… I love his English language jokes as much as I did his fart jokes.

Thanks for humping, and rest in peace, George!

I also had to bring the little dancing robot in BDInsanity honor. Dancing Robot

9 comments on “No Fridays Feast Today

  1. 1. Sarah Silverman

    2. Hott Fuzz. If that doesn’t count as a comedy, Superbad is good.


    4. From the end of an old HBO special, there’s a bit that may not be hilarious on it’s own but I love cuz it made my father spew iced tea laughing. It’s just a string of words, and I don’t remember the context but I can still recite it. “Rat shit bat shit, dirty old twat, 69 assholes tied in a knot. Hooray! Lizard shit, FUCK!”

  2. 1. 70’s – Richard Pryor, 80’s Eddie Murphy (Stand Up) 90’s Andrew Dice Clay Current Will Ferrell.

    2. Monty Pythons Holy Grail

    3. I’m too smart to not get humor.

    4. His bit on the usages of words and how they changed thru the times. Ill post it on my blog. Too long to post here.

  3. @Nuke: Hot Fuzz was a great movie! So far I’ve yet to come across someone who thought it was as good as I did.

    Although, I don’t think it’s as good as the Holy Grail…

  4. 1. Robbin Williams
    2. Space Balls
    3. Not that I don’t get them, but there are commedians who’s style is rather vulgar and just rubs me the wrong way.
    4. “Hi. Welcome to the future. The air is clean. The water’s clean. Even the dirt is clean. . . And we have more excellent waterslides than any other planet we communicate with. I’m telling you, this place is great. But it almost wasn’t. You see, 700 years ago the Two Great Ones ran into a few problems. So now I have to travel back in time to help them out. If I should fail to keep these two on the correct path, the basis of our society will be in danger. Don’t worry. It’ll all make sense. I’m a professional.”

  5. Wookie and Danial, Holy Grail is a fantastic movie, very smart in it’s humor and full of bits I still use (grenade countdown FTW). HF just cracks me up, it’s my current I need some fun movie. Hey, both of these greats are British, hmmm…

    Right on KC! I never think of Carlin for his work in Excellent Adventure, but he was one of the best parts.

  6. I seem to remember another meme we used to do… Theater Thursday. lol. That was when I first startied blogging. Anyway… your post made me think of that. Hope you have a great weekend. My daughter turns 3 today. And I am already up at 4am.

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