Not too long ago I saw a TV show about video games. It highlighted that new multi player games that allow a user to be part of a team with specific tasks helps build the teamwork mentality.

I started to think of my corporate world experience and the more and more I thought about my past experiences the more I saw that teamwork is often talked about but seldom really implemented.

We live in a very individualistic society, and no matter how much corporate America tries to sell us the idea that there is no “I in teamwork” we still don’t get what that really means.

At the first opportunity people try to make themselves look better, or when there is blame to be passed around the finger pointing begins. There is the exception of the person that for some reason likes to take the fall, but because of their strong character they get a get out of jail free card every single time.

I think the breeding ground for teamwork is sports, but this country has diverted from actual keeping score for kids to everyone is a winner. I think this further enhances the notion on every kid that they are the best and they have to fend for themselves.

Life can be cruel at times, as can work environments, but a good team behind you is what gets you through. In life it is your family and friends when they selflessly rally around you when you need them. In the corporate world when something goes wrong and the team does the best it can to make the project work.

Maybe multi player video games will help people understand that every role in a team is important and it is ok to just be good at one thing. Maybe sports at the little kids level will start keeping score again; Because in a society of only winners, everyone ends up being a loser.

5 comments on “Teamwork

  1. There’s no “I” in “team,” but there is an “m” and an “e.”

    That silliness aside, sports are less of a good example than they used to be. Free agency in the NFL and showboating in the NBA both encourage individualistic idol-worship and narcissism among aspiring athletes. Just look at how the US basketball team fared early on during the last Olympiad; a group of extremely talented professional athletes that just weren’t working together.

  2. I work for a project-driven marketing agency and we’re only as good as our weakest link because we have such specialized skills with each task that oftentimes, only one or two people in the company might be able to do it. We have to be able to work together or else we really won’t get anything done, and people that really don’t embrace that sense of respect or work ethic don’t wind up lasting too long (and fortunately we work normal hours doing this).

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