Hunter vs Gatherer

Even though this has nothing to do with Thom Hartmann’s Hunter vs Farmer theory about the origin of Attention Deficit Disorders, it is an interesting read and somewhat related. This rant is more about one of the differences between my wife and I, that could also be talked about in a battle of the sexes way. I hate shopping.

I do not mind going to the store and get groceries, or even go get a book while 100 people are in line, however the whole window shopping, see if this purse goes with these shoes kind of shopping drives me nuts. So I started to think of me as a hunter and Bea as a gatherer.

I go to a store with a list of targets in mind. Mind you, I have been looking for a copy American History X at the used DVD store for a while, but a hit list none the less. Once I enter, even if I am just browsing I have things in mind that I want to find. Even at my favorite electronics store, I can only browse for so long.

When my wife browses, time stops for her and a trap 70’s superhero shoe style starts running in my head. We have tried to split up and go on our own little trips through the stores with ill effects. I spent 2 hours at a store that I had already browsed the first 15 minutes, while my wife was just getting started. She only had time to strategically locate what earrings go with what sunglasses.

I think this is a basic difference between man and woman. No matter how busy a woman is, she is diverted to her gathering ancester the minute she sees shoes. Do the test, take your significant other shopping at a shoe store and set them free. You will have looked at, sport shoes and dress shoes isles and she will just have started at the shoes that are not made out of hemp but still called Mary Janes.

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  1. Hey! That is unfair… You forgot to mention I also look for the right pair pants that match the shoes and the earrings. 😉

  2. You are absolutely correct. Men find the shirt, kill the shirt and drag the shirt home. Mission accomplished!

    But in all fairness, I blame women’s sizes.

    For a man, a pant size consists of a waist circumference and a leg length measured in inches.

    A shirt size consists of a neck circumference and an arm length, from shoulder to wrist, measured in inches.

    If we know what these measurements are, we don’t even have to try stuff on. Just get it, buy it, done.

    Women’s sizes are completely worthless. A size “6”. What the hell is a 6?

    Until recently, my daughter was a size “0”. How can you be a zero? Does that mean you don’t actually exist at all? That you have no physical manifistation that anyone can detect?

    To make it worse, women’s sizes vary by type of clothing and designer.

    No wonder so many women are irrational. They have to be just to buy clothes.

  3. I like shopping. There are times where I’ll go in n out for exactly what I want but other times I will window shop, see what the trends are (and laugh) but for the most part enjoy shopping with the misses, kids, etc. I’ll even shop for her and buy her clothes just because. Nothing more fun than seeing her smile and being surprised by an unexpected gift. I’ll go to the discount rack, search through the 5.00 movie bin looking for a gem, it’s a pleasure for me to go shopping and having the means to do so. I think you (Logtar) love to shop but are in the proverbial shopping closet.

    Good luck with that.

  4. Actually I will shop for her too… I mean the last 5 or 6 movies I have bought have been mostly on the “she will love to have this” kind of side.

    Clothes are too complicated like XO said for me to buy, and almost too personal in the way of taste… even though she does buy thing that she thinks I might like on her, and she also buys me clothes… I guess I have no taste when it comes to that.

    I don’t mind shopping for 30 mins, but I browse at a faster pace I guess :) spending 4 hours in one store looking at trends is just not my cup of tea :)

  5. This is EXACTLY why I hate having Wiley with me when I shop. Because sometimes I want to take awhile to look at things. When he insists on coming along, he brings a book and parks it.

    More lately though, I’ve become more of a hunter: get in, find stuff, get out, go home. The longer I spend in a store, the more I see that I want but don’t need.

  6. What an incredibly tolerant wife you’ve got there, Logtar. If I went around painting gender comparisons with such broad strokes, I believe I’d get my ass kicked when I got home.

  7. Next time your in for a “Long Haul” do what I do and whip out a portable game system or Ipod (psp in my case) and just bliss out to whatever game,music, (or if your lucky) Free Wifi web browsing to help pass the time.

  8. Me and Katrina are total opposites of the common stereotype here: I really enjoy shopping, and she would just prefer not to. Put me in an electronics store especially, and I can be there for hours.

    Same deal with shoes, I probably have 1.5-2x the number of shoes in my closet as she does. It’s just one of those things, I see a cool pair of shoes and think, “I gotta get those…” I’m not totally nuts like some people are with hundreds of pairs, but I do probably have around 15-20.

  9. Painting gender comparisons & broad strokes IF in his case with his wife it’s TRUE? LOLZ. I don’t think tolerance has anything to do with her liking to shop and he doesn’t. Whaddaiknow…..

  10. Hahaha — I love the last paragraph. That’s so true, though I’m really at my worst in a place like Target that has a lot of different things. In clothing or shoe stores, I get through them as quickly as Ted.

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