Weekend Recap

We did nothing on Saturday and it felt good… relaxing… even vacation like. Well I did do some stuff in the WoW world, but besides leaving the house to get some food we did nothing Saturday.

Sunday we did Dim Sum with some of the usual suspects from the blogsphere, Eric, Michelle, Nuke and the organizer Toast. I had never been to Dim Sum and I am not even sure why… it was a great experience that will have to be repeated again soon.

We also went to see Wall.e and had a good time watching it… beside that, I am getting my brain ready for the work week… what did you guys do?

No Fridays Feast Today

Not because there is not one posted, but because it is weak…

I used to follow another meme back in the day, like 2 years ago, called the Wednesday Mind Hump founded by my friend Fridays Child. With their meme they helped spark the idea of Mood Panties. I even helped write some of the questions at one point… this week their questions are way better so, no Friday Feast, welcome to the late Wednesday Mind Hump.

Wednesday Mind Hump

Hello humpers! Sadly, George Carlin died this week. I think a good way to honor him would be to discuss comedians.

1. Who is your favorite comedian (stand-up or otherwise)?
It has to be Eddie Izzard, because of his smart comedy. That and the Riches.

2. What is your favorite comedy movie?
It used to be There is Something about Mary… but there has been some good ones from the 40 year old virgin crew… I cannot decide which one just yet.

3. Which comedian do you just not get?
Not sure, I actually appreciate most comedians, it takes huge cojones to get up there.

4. If you were a fan of George Carlin, what was your favorite bit he did?
Oh, I could not pick a favorite… I love his English language jokes as much as I did his fart jokes.

Thanks for humping, and rest in peace, George!

I also had to bring the little dancing robot in BDInsanity honor. Dancing Robot

Getting out of the funk

I have been on a funk for a couple of weeks. My last real (out of the country) true vacation was probably 8 years ago to Cancun. I had other trips in between, but they were either a week that was too busy or went to fast, or a long weekend where the “on call” button was pressed.

I have issues with stopping my brain sometimes. I keep on thinking and thinking about things, and if I catch a bad train, it seems to just take me to the land called the funk.

My grandfather passing away is one of the hardest things I had to go through. I cannot even imagine how hard it is to lose a parent or a sibling. My wife and some of my friends have experienced this and I cannot imagine doubling, let alone multiplying the pain I feel for that loss. Losing loved ones scares me, my Mom being sick recently scares me… but she herself told me that we must enjoy the time we have together and not think of the what ifs.

I don’t want to waste my time here on earth. I also don’t want to not enjoy it by over thinking everything.

Yesterday I realized how lucky I am. I have been learning a lot from my wife on how to deal with situations. She has many good things to say about her father and how he dealt with what life sent his way. That helps. In fact, it helps a lot. Also knowing that she has gone through some difficult losses in her life and she is still able to smile gives me strength. She is a good listener and has the ability to process information that sometimes comes out of me all jumbled and still make me feel understood.

A conversation with my friends at lunch yesterday, one with my Mom, another one with my sister and then with my wife really broke me out of the funk. I was able to get off the wrong train, that as one of my friends put it made me all “Emo.” I saw how lucky I am to have people that care so much about me. I might have lost the greatest cheerleader of my life when my grandpa passed away, but that does not mean that I still don’t have a team of them behind me.

George Carlin has expired

If you have heard his comedy, you will understand why I used the title I used. He was one of my favorite comedians along with Eddie Izzard because of the cleverness of their comedy. I actually got to see George perform live about 4 years ago. He was funny, but I had already listened to most of his material, and the new stuff he tried was not ready. However, when his stuff is polished and ready for show time, it is hard to match him. Robin Williams might be more animated and do better voices, Eddie might be a little better with making you laugh at something that should not be funny, but Carlin was one of the bests when it came to not just delivering a line but a whole paragraph.

Thank God is Friday Feast

If you could live on another continent for 1 year, which one would you choose?
Not sure, I would have thought that maybe Europe, both my wife and I want to become fluent in Italian and what better way that to live in Italy for a year… however, living in Japan for a year sounds like fun too.

Which browser do you use to surf the Internet?
All of them… but mostly Firefox.

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how much do you know about the history of your country?
Colombia, 8, the US probably 7… however, I think I know more than the average American… I think the average American is like at a 3.

Main Course
Finish this sentence: Love is…
Priceless and yet free.

Have you ever been in or near a tornado?
Plenty of times… but never seen one… slept through many… tornado alley baby!