The Moving Crew

I had some interesting experiences last week. I was swamped with work and getting ready to move buildings. While some of the people that work in our corporate office had already experienced what it takes to do a “move,” it was my first time. I was a little sore from it, but not as much as I thought I was going to be. My back has been bothering me, but just to the uncomfortable point… not quite painful yet.

Before the move started, I had a funny moment with someone not recognizing me because I was wearing different clothes. Maybe some of you don’t even know, but I have had my ear pierced since my late teens and a tattoo since my early twenties.

During the work week I take my earring off not because it is required at work, but because I like to be presentable. Even though I don’t ever get to see clients where I work now, it is still something I think is part of looking professional. I also don’t wear short sleeved shirts, so my tattoo never shows.

The week before the move I stopped at one of the local computer shops. They have great deals and I picked up a monitor for my wife. She needed something a little better than what she had. She has also been asking about a mac and we cannot afford a mac book pro just yet, but I asked if they had any old used computers that we could start playing with. The guy told me that they in fact did have some, but they needed to be looked at first. I gave him my cell number and he said he would call me as soon as he had something.

The next day at lunch my phone rang. When I did not recognize the number I figured it was work related, so I answered right away. I normally dislike answering the phone while at a restaurant, but if it is something important I will pick it up. It was the guy telling me they had a G4 that I could come and pick up. The wife and I headed there after our meal and then hilarity ensued.

I had walked into the store the time before with just a polo and jeans, but I did not have my earring on. The second time I had a black t-shirt on and my earring, and just that made the guy not recognize me at all. We had just spoken the day before, in fact I have bought plenty of things from this guy over the last year… but just having an earring on and a black shirt transformed somehow to the point that he was not responding. I said, “I am here to pick up the mac you are holding for me.” I remind you at this point that this is probably 30 minutes after his call. He said, “I am not holding anything for you, what are you talking about?” My wife looked at me and kind of smiled and I said to him, “dude I just bought a monitor from you just a day ago, you called me minutes ago…” He blinked a couple of times and said, wow, I did not recognize you at all. We had a good laugh and started talking about tattoos, I am looking for a place to get my next one.

So what does that have to do with moving? Well, it is not often that the office geeks are the same as the movers that get all the boxes inside of a brand new suite at a building. The whole week people would not even make eye contact when we were moving stuff. It could be that we were all dirty and sweaty, but I seriously think it was because they probably figured they would not see us ever again.

They will get a rude awakening this week when those same sweaty guys start showing up in nicer clothes every day. Makes you wonder how many people just ignore or change their attitude towards people just because of the way they are dressed. This is specially hilarious, because the CEO of the company was one of those sweaty guys bringing stuff in.

4 comments on “The Moving Crew

  1. This is kinda why you see me dressed up in formal ware 90% of the time John.
    There’s this Magical smile that seems to open up in peoples faces when they see
    me all crisp n clean. And doors tend to get held open for me wherever I go.
    One day I had gotten a letter saying that Crystals bank account was overdrawn yet again. So I decided to put a stop to it and personally go down to the bank to close out the account. I just soo happened to be working in the garden that day and was wearing dumpy clothing and covered with dirt. The bank teller’s smile slowly melted away when I approached and explaind the situation. During the transaction I smiled an joked that even tho I did not look it, I was going for my bachelors in accounting. She did not believe me.
    Guess its true bout the old saying, “It’s the Cloth’s that makes the Man.”

  2. Professional attire is important for some jobs. At mine I need to look like I dressed mostly business casual that morning (no matter how many desks I crawl under).

    On the other hand I have run into some of my customers on my time off in shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt (tatts showing) and they actually seem friendlier. It may be because we don’t have to adhere to corporate rules, but it happens.

    It is unfortunate that we (people in general, sometimes me specifically) make snap decisions base on a quick look at somebody.

    Anyway, hope your move is over and you have a quieter week!

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