Pardon My Dust

The company where I work is moving and I have just had my brain drained by tons of work… but trust me as soon as I have a night where I have some time I have a couple of good subjects I want to “discuss.” How was everyone’s weekend?

4 comments on “Pardon My Dust

  1. mine was FAAAAAAAAANtabulous. First Date! woo! i think you called it on Artsy Skater Boy!

    when will you be here?!

    and is the company moving far?!

  2. Mine was great.

    Spent the weekend connecting with Samantha (my niece age 16). We played rockband, went out to see Horton hears a Who, and took mother out to dinner for mothers day.

    Last friday, I finaly got a phone call for a possible job interview, but the one bit of training the caller wanted I havn’t had much experiance in. Sooo.. this summer, I am lucky enough to get a crash course in Quickbooks. Thankfully SRS is footing the bill for this class.

    I hope things work out for you John. I know personaly how ragged IT jobs can run you ragged.

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