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The first one interviewed was with The D, but now it is Average Jane’s turn. Dr Who (had to mention this just for a couple of friends that actually know who Dr Who is) fan that has talent to spare, make sure you check out her garage band… but for now lets go into the interview.

Average Jane
: I’m here!
Logtar: cool… so are you ready for this?

AJ: Yep!
L: before we get into the questioning, I just finished listening to your songs over at garageband and I want to say that you are very talented. I cannot wait to see you live some day.
AJ: Thanks! I’m looking forward to doing more songs with that group sometime soon.
Sent at 9:04 PM on Wednesday

L: Its a cool sound, with the working in advertisement I take it that you are a very creative person, what about the logical side, do you like numbers at all?
Sent at 9:05 PM on Wednesday
AJ: I’m not exactly a match genius, but I like order. Making spreadsheets appeals to my sense of organizing things. I also enjoy looking at statistics and trying to track trends. So there’s definitely some left brain in with the right brain.
That’s “math genius.” I knew my typing was going to be shaky.
L: hehe… we can always edit, but that one I think should stay
AJ: I smashed the tip of one finger while I was cooking dinner tonight, so my typing is a bit off.

L: Disclaimer noted. So, you obviously love your animals… but is there a clear pick when it comes to cats and dogs?
AJ: I’m a cat person all the way. I grew up with both cats and dogs, but even as a little kid I always gravitated toward cats. If I had a dog, it would be some kind of HUGE dog like a Great Dane or maybe a greyhound.

L: excellent… we totally agree there… I actually grew up catless, but love my kitty now and like only big dogs for myself…
you actually know someone that I never got to meet but actually connected me a little with the KC people, Bruno Pieroni, we have actually e-mailed back and forth since he moved to my home town… what can you tell me about him since you actually know him IRL.

AJ: I met him via the American Copywriter blog Coffee Morning get-togethers. I really enjoy his comic strip blog, but he hasn’t updated much since he moved to Chicago. I was happy to have had the chance to meet up with him for breakfast while I was in Chicago last summer at the BlogHer conference – oh, and I saw him when he was in town for the Addy awards earlier this year. Really nice guy who seems to know everyone.

L: Its a latin thing… lol
So I have gotten to hear how talented you are in vocals, any other talents that we might not know about?
AJ: I think my blog pretty much lays out my basic talents: writing, cooking and singing. I’m working on becoming a better photographer, but so far it’s just a minor hobby. Same with yoga: I’d like to get better, but it’s going to take some time and persistence.

L: talking of persistence, how hard is it to keep a band together?
AJ: It’s extremely difficult! I can’t tell you how much time and effort I’ve put into various bands, only to have them break up for practically no reason at all, because someone’s not “feeling it.” My original band (the one on GarageBand) has never even had a bass player, it’s just been guitar, drums and vocals in the studio. My cover band is on its third bass player and we’re still searching for a replacement lead guitarist and we’ve only been together since last fall. Holding it all together and making progress with holes in the lineup feels like trying to shelter a house of cards.

L: I actually got to see some of the music scene in Chicago and I saw some of it, but I always felt like bringing up the subject to people I knew was almost like asking for a fight… it seemed like it was harder to connect than what it should be, specially if everyone loves the music.
AJ: Different people’s idea of what it means to love music is just so different. There are plenty of musicians around, but they don’t all want the same things.

L: that is true. So, has your husband ever surprised you by reacting or saying something about a post you wrote?
AJ: My husband stopped reading my blog a long time ago. He just doesn’t “get me” in print. I think he appreciates how much I enjoy blogging and forming communities around what I do, but the specifics don’t interest him much. In his defense, he’s the kind of guy who really only reads for education, not for pleasure, so it’s likely that he lumps blogs in with the other types of non-essential reading he doesn’t want to do. Incidentally, I never post anything potentially embarrassing about him without running it by him first.

L: I look forward to meeting him some day… were you dreading any questions today? thinking I am not going to answer if he asks … x or y?
AJ: Nah, I’m fine with anything anyone might want to ask me.

L: That is kind of what I figured, but I said… hey better fish just in case. Well, the last question is the interesting one to me for some reason… ready for some word association?
AJ: Sure!

L: Glass
AJ: Cat (from the Oz books)
L: Car
AJ: Hop (mmm, Sonic!)
L: Season
AJ: Springtime
L: Monkey
AJ: Chimpotle (how could I resist?)
L: Pensive
AJ: The Pensieve in the Harry Potter books
L: Orchid
AJ: My stepmother, who loves to grow orchids

L: That is it, painful wasn’t it… I also love Orchids… never tried to grow them but the are the national flower of Colombia :)
AJ: I know a blogger in Iowa who also grows orchids, with varying success. I’ve always been afraid that they’re too difficult to keep alive.
L: Yea me too… but I did give some to my sister… maybe when I go visit I can see if the plant is still alive.
Thanks for taking the time and see ya tomorrow!*
AJ: Thank you! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s dinner. :)

*Tomorrow is actually TODAY! and we are talking about the Blogger Meetup!

10 comments on “Blogger Interview – Average Jane

  1. I am disappointed there wasn’t more Doctor Who… A friend of mine just bought a house, and I got her the ultimate Dr Who snack, Jelly Babies, as a house warming gift!

    The rest of it was cool, thanks AJ and L!

  2. Aw thanks for the mention. And the nice things said. I even love that she called me out on the not updating it enough — really. I PROMISE to get some new strips out there right away. Cheers!

  3. It was like Barbara Walters interviewing Oprah, no hard-hitting questions at all. Do you like cats or dogs? Is that it?

  4. I am not nerdy enough (or is it, not cool enough?) to know very much about Dr. Who! I’m the loser in the group.

    I hate that I missed dinner! I was helping people learn to read.


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